Freeman Foundation Grant Supports Farmer School Global Internships

December 2017

The Freeman Foundation grant will support business students selected to participate in the FSB Global Internships in Shanghai and Hong Kong in 2018 and 2019. The grant assists with educating future business leaders in Chinese culture and business practices, offering experiential learning through the internship, expanding the FSB abroad opportunities to include global internships in Asia and supporting students enrolled in the China Business Program with an eight-week summer program in China. FSB has received this funding through the Freeman Foundation since 2015.

“Cultural literacy is an invaluable skill, and it’s one that FSB students build through our many study and internship abroad programs. The FSB Global Internship programs are designed to help students gain the skills necessary to effectively work in the global economy.” Said Kim Suellau, Director of FSB Global Business Programs.

The grant is a continuation of the Freeman Foundation’s support of FSB strategic initiative to offer global internships in Asia. In summer 2015, 19 FSB majors interned in Hong Kong with the support of grant. In summer 2016, 31 students interned in Shanghai and in summer 2017, 19 students interned in Shanghai and 10 in Hong Kong. All received a $5,000 Freeman Foundation Grant. The Freeman Foundation grant assists students by providing an average reduction of 75% in tuition and fees paid by FSB students.

Students that are involved in the program gain invaluable experience. One student remarked, “My internship in China has been nothing short of a fantastic experience, and I will be forever grateful that I had this opportunity. This program taught me about myself, about a different culture, and about how the world works. China surprised me with how amazing it was, and I would not be surprised if I found myself back in Shanghai working for my future employer.”

Another student noted, “The most surprising part about my internship was realizing how important relations are in business. I knew that networking itself was very important, but my company took this idea to an entirely new level.”

This new funding makes 32 $5,000 grants available for summer 2018 and 36 $5,000 grants available for summer 2019. Applications for the summer 2018 FSB Shanghai and FSB Hong Kong Internship programs are open. Applications close February 5, 2018.

“With the advent of FSB Global Internships in summer 2014, and the support of the Freeman Foundation Grant beginning summer 2015, we are able to meet our objectives of offering global internships and sustaining our footprint in Asia. It is with the support of the Freeman Foundation that FSB Global Internship Programs are now a significant part of our portfolio and of particular interest to our business majors.” Said Kim Suellau.