Faculty honored for their achievements at Divisional Recognition Ceremony

May 2018

As friends and families gathered to watch more than 1,000 Farmer School of Business students graduate, several faculty were also honored for their efforts over the past year.

Dr. Tim Eaton, professor of accountancy, was this year’s recipient of the Richard K. Smucker Teaching Excellence Award as the Outstanding Professor.

Eaton, instrumental in developing the EY Teacher-Scholar Program, served as the EY Teaching Scholar from 2012-2017 and has published nine co-authored papers with Miami students.

He has developed accountancy curricula with the American Accounting Association, the Ohio Board of Regents, Ohio CPAs, EY and Deloitte. Eaton also serves on the editorial review board of the Journal of Accounting Education.

Dr. Michele Frank, assistant professor of accountancy, received the Richard K. Smucker Teaching Excellence Award for Outstanding Junior Professor.

From her professional experiences and ongoing interactions with tax partners, Frank wants her students to be able to apply federal income tax concepts in ways to help clients maximize their after-tax cash flows. Michele achieves these goals through varied pedagogical techniques including individual and team-based applications of tax law to real-world transactions.

The Richard K. Smucker Teaching Excellence Award for Outstanding Non-Tenure Track Faculty went to Dr. Lawrence Hilton, visiting assistant professor of business legal studies.

Hilton believes effective classroom instruction must involve the co-creation of knowledge between the student and the teacher. He is a proponent of active learning and uses various methods to encourage engagement, discussion and interaction.

The Farmer School Faculty Service Excellence Award was given to Dr. Xiaowen Huang, professor of management.

Huang has served on the Provost’s 2020 Strategic Planning Initiative and as the committee chair for the FSB Diversity Committee, the FSB e-learning Committee, the FSB Graduate Studies Committee, and multiple faculty search committees. In addition to her service contributions, Huang is one of the few faculty to have won all three FSB awards for research, teaching and service.

Dr. Joe Rode, Professor of Management, was named the recipient of the Farmer School of Business Senior Faculty Award for Research Excellence.

Rode has published 20 journal articles, nine of which are in “A/A- Rated” journals. His research focuses on relationships among work and non-work domains, individual difference, leadership, and cross-cultural values.

Dr. Scott Dust, assistant professor of management, is the recipient of the James Robeson Junior Faculty Award for Research Excellence.

Dust has published 11 journal articles, eight of which are in “A Rated” journals, including one co-authored with Dr. Rode. Dust’s research focuses on evaluating metacognitive capacities, such as self-awareness, mindfulness, and emotional intelligence, that enable employees to both overcome work-related interpersonal challenges and leverage interpersonal differences in order to engage in constructive conflict.

Please join us in recognizing their accomplishments and congratulating them on their success!

Dean Marc Rubin, Dr. Scott Dust, Dr. Joe Rode Dean Marc Rubin, Dr. Lawrence Hilton, Dr. Michele Frank, Dr. Tim Eaton Dr. Xiaowen Huang