Faith and entrepreneurship research initiative launched at Farmer School of Business

June 2018

Miami University is pleased to announce a new research initiative in the Top 10 nationally-ranked entrepreneurship program within the acclaimed Farmer School of Business. The initiative, entitled “Leading the Integration of Faith and Entrepreneurship” (L.I.F.E.), will be based within the Center for Social Entrepreneurship. LIFE’s goal is to develop a research program focused on how faith affects the entrepreneurial process, including funding, identity, leadership, legitimization and motivation.

Dr. Brett Smith, Director of the Institute for Entrepreneurship and Founding Director of the Center for Social Entrepreneurship, explained, “While more than 80% of the world claims to have a faith-based affiliation, we know relatively little about how faith impacts the entrepreneurial journey. L.I.F.E. will develop scientifically rigorous and practitioner-relevant knowledge at the intersection of faith and entrepreneurship.”

Farmer School dean, Marc Rubin, added, “Initiatives such as L.I.F.E. add to the uniqueness of the educational experience for our students while also adding tremendous benefit to both academicians and practitioners.”

L.I.F.E’s research, open to all faiths and inter-faith examinations, will build on the Farmer School’s leadership position in the areas of entrepreneurship and social entrepreneurship. Increasing interest in this area from schools, such as Princeton University’s faith and work initiative, and entrepreneurial organizations, such as OCEAN’s faith-based startup accelerator, suggest the early stages of an important movement. Miami is positioned to be a thought leader in this emerging arena of faith and entrepreneurship, just as it was when it launched its Center for Social Entrepreneurship in 2006.

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