More than 30 join ranks of Farmer School MBA graduates

August 2018

Jay Murdock

The MBA Class of 2018 was not only one of the largest cohorts in the program’s history, but one that represented a lot of varied career paths.

“This group can get you any kind of insurance you need,” program director Brad Bays said. “They can get your airplane off the ground. They can develop new beauty care products and get them to market. They can sell you snacks. They can get you to the top of a building in very fast elevators. They can do your accounting books, buy any military systems you need. If you have a major river in your yard, they can build a dam.”

That last job description belongs to Jeremy Cobb. He works for the Army Corps of Engineers.

“I’m an engineer by background, so I didn’t have a lot of experience in business. As you get more into management, it’s good to have a different perspective,” he explained.

PricewaterhouseCoopers senior associate Michael Lassen wanted his MBA in order to help his future job prospects. “It gives me greater opportunities in the job I’m in, and it gives me an opportunity to move up to management and director some day,” he said.

A total of 36 candidates finished the MBA program this year, meeting two nights a week at the Voice of America Learning Center to learn, interact and grow professionally.

“Thank you for giving up the time, energy and attention that you wanted and needed from us so that we could achieve this personal and professional goal,” class speaker Betheny Kerr told the graduates’ families and friends in the audience. “I guarantee you, there wasn’t one night that we took for granted the tradeoffs that we were making to get this MBA.”

Alex Tosolini, Kroger senior vice president of new business development, gave the graduates three suggestions for their business futures: Find your passion, be courageous and make the world a better place. He remarked that the program, and Miami, produce excellent business professionals.

“The community is lucky and fortunate to have Miami here, close to our homes,” he explained. “They really push the thinking to the next level. I know this because I work with a lot of Miami graduates. They’re always well-prepared, can communicate, and are really ready for the changes that are coming our way.”

Leigh Swigart, a Miami University talent manager, gave the program and her experiences in it high marks. “It was wonderful. It was excellent,” she said. ”I learned a lot of things I didn’t know before as a non-business major. Learning from the classroom experience, with these wonderful people, made that great, too.”

“I thought it was well-organized, tough classes, good instructors,” Lassen explained. “I loved the fact that the school made it super easy administratively to go to class.”

“The program was well-rounded. I got to do a lot of different subjects that I wasn’t familiar with. It was an eye-opening experience,” Cobb said.

Group photo of MBA graduates Alex Tosolini talking to graduates Close shot of 2018 badge on tassel Graduate poses with Dean Marc Rubin Graduate gets hug from grandmother