Strategy Works students create ideas that take flight

December 2018

Jay Murdock

How much do you know about airplanes? Enough to stand in front of a group of aircraft manufacturing executives and convince them you have the best plan for growing their business?

That’s the challenge that students in the Strategy Works capstone class faced this semester as they tried worked to put together a plan to market Textron Aviation’s SkyCourier turboprop plane to the passenger, cargo, and international markets.

“They're put into a position where they have to come in and learn an entire industry. They have to learn an entire product and then they have to present it to experts in the field,” Textron manager of large jet marketing Adam Mott explained.

More than a dozen group presented over the course of two days, and the top group from each category presented their ideas to the entire Textron team on Friday morning. Gold medal team Air B2B, comprised of Bridget Eardley, Elizabeth Kohn, Andrew Nix, AJ Vanek, and Chenye Zhang, earned a private jet flight and a night out in Nashville for their efforts.

Turbo 6 Inc., made up of Megan Adkins, Kelly Eisenhower, Brendan Feehan, Noah Isroff, Hannah Wegman, and Vincent Zenner took the silver medal, while the Sky High Solutions team of Lauren Boyd, Hannah Heath, Andrew Gauder, Abby Lindert, and Freddy Yang came won bronze.

“I think we've never done a project where we take it fully from the start of not knowing anything about it to a full marketing plan,” Kohn said. “So I really liked that, and the fact that every single class, you're focused on one thing was interesting.”

Textron Aviation has been a Strategy Works client several times, and dozens of Farmer School and Miami students have interned with or gone on to work for the company.

“I think that we have such a great partnership with Miami. It's been really fun to see the growth of each of the students,” Mott said. “You see the growth from student into professional very quickly. Each and every one of the students has been more impressive year over year.”

International group makes presentation to Textron Aviation  Textron Aviation executives listen to a presentation Textron Aviation executives question a Strategy Works team after their presentation The winning team prepares to fly out to Nashville for the night on a Textron Aviation jet