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MSM Program Curriculum

The MSM degree is a 30-credit program that can be completed in just ten months so you can begin your career with confidence as soon as possible. The MSM begins with a pre-program Foundation Week, then moves through three components: Practice, Preparation, and Execution.

Foundation Week

The week prior to the start of fall term introduces you to the requirements and expectations of the program through cohort and team activities. Modules include:

  • Career preparation
  • Business communication
  • Understanding your thinking preferences with HBDI
  • Business resumes, cover letters, and networking

Preparation Component - 18 Credit Hours

The Preparation Component builds your foundational knowledge of the functional areas of business. Regardless of the products or services being delivered, all business organizations operate on common fundamental business principles. At the same time, business organizations are increasingly integrated across areas and employees are required to bridge silos and demonstrate an ability to work effectively across the organization.

The Preparation Component's integrated curriculum helps you understand how the seemingly discrete pieces all fit together to deliver value to the organization.

Practice Component - 6 Credit Hours

Apply your new knowledge from the Preparation Component through a fast-paced immersion in business analytics, digital branding and marketing, creativity, leadership, ethical thinking, and team effectiveness. Courses include a hands-on approach to problem solving.

Execution Component - 6 Credit Hours

During the last six weeks of the program, you'll be immersed in an experiential consulting capstone. This hands-on project with a real client gives you the opportunity to apply the scientific method, use data and insights to guide research, and build perspectives and create new knowledge that informs business practice.

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