MSiM Program Curriculum 

The MSiM is a 30 credit hour program with a required pre-program Foundation Week.  See full descriptions in the Miami Bulletin or by clicking the links below.

The MSiM has three components: Practice, Preparation, and Execution.

Foundation Week

This week prior to the start of fall term classes will introduce students to the requirements and expectations of the program. It will include cohort and team activities and a career preparation module. Modules include business communication, understanding your thinking preferences with HBDI, and business resumes, cover letters, and networking.

Preparation Component - 18 credit hours

The preparation component builds a foundation of knowledge of the functional areas of business. Any business organization, irrespective of the products or services being delivered, operates on common fundamental business principles. At the same time, business organizations are increasingly integrated across areas and employees are required to bridge the silos and demonstrate an ability to work effectively across the organization.

Faculty in the preparation component have built an integrated curriculum to help students understand how the apparently discrete pieces fit together to deliver value to the organization. 

Fall Semester

Winter Term

Practice Component - 6 credit hours

The practice component allows students to apply their knowledge from the preparation component. The focus of this component piece of the program, is to facilitate the application of the foundational knowledge from the core, with fast paced immersion in business analytics, digital branding and marketing, creativity, leadership, ethical thinking and team effectiveness. Students will experience integrated delivery across the curriculum, with a hands on approach to problem solving. 

Spring Semester (first six weeks)

Execution Component - 6 credit hours

The execution component takes place over the last 6 weeks of the program. In this component, students will be immersed in an experiential consulting capstone. A hands-on, real client engagement opportunity, where students will apply, learn and deliver. 

Students will apply the scientific method, use data and insights to guide research, and build perspectives and create new knowledge that informs business practice . 

Certificate in Business Management

Students can earn the Certificate in Business Management if they complete Foundation Week plus any 12 credit hours from the preparation component. This certificate can be completed entirely in the fall semester or may be completed over both the fall and winter terms.