Certificates offer more options in Entrepreneurship

Tim Holcomb talks to Startup Weekend participants

Miami University students who want to benefit from the John W. Altman Institute for Entrepreneurship program, but don’t have the time to earn a co-major or minor, now have another option. The institute has just added three new certificate programs: Startup Entrepreneurship, Social Entrepreneurship and Creativity and Innovation. 

Unlike the 30-hour co-major and 19-hour minor, each certificate requires only 14 credit hours, acquired through a four-course track plus two weekend events.

Dr. Jim Friedman said that while the certificates are generally aimed at students who are majoring in other fields, students who are in the entrepreneurship program can also benefit from earning a certificate.

“A student going through our co-major may want to make a statement about how important creativity is to them or how important social entrepreneurship is to them, so they can specialize in that,” he explained. “They can go to an employer and say, ‘Yes, I have the entrepreneurship co-major, but my focus was startup, and therefore I have a startup certificate.’ So it's available to anyone along the line, whether they are already a co-major, minor, or just want to get the certificate.”

Students can earn only one of the three certificates, even if they complete the requirements for more than one, Friedman said. For more information, visit the Certificates section of the Farmer School website.