Registration Support

Registration Support

Please utilize these resources and videos to learn how to prepare for your course registration. 

Access FSB ROR Force Adds

Return to In-Person Fall 2021

Note: During your initial registration, you are only allowed to register for a maximum of 17 hours. This changes to a maximum of 20 hours during open registration.

Know Your Time Ticket

1. Login to myMiami and access BannerWeb

2. Click Student Services and Financial Aid

3. Click Registration

4. Click Check your Registration Status and Your Registration Dates & Times

Fall 2021 Registration Dates


Open Registration 4/26 - 5/31

Open Registration (FY Student) 7/9 - 7/12

Open Registration (All Students) 7/12 - 7/14

Open Registration 7/20 - 10/21

Course List Tutorial

Banner Web & Course Registration Video