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Career Development

The Career Development Office at the Farmer School of Business is dedicated to empowering and guiding students toward achieving their professional aspirations and unlocking a world of exciting opportunities.

Your Career Starts Here

Develop your four-year career plan with all of the resources the Farmer School of Business Career Development Office can offer.


Connect - Making connections in today's competitive job market involves a multifaceted approach, encompassing strategies such as leveraging alumni networks, acing interview steps, harnessing the power of social media, and conducting company and industry research.


Compete - To compete for positions and internships, these resources are available to provide assistance for effective correspondence, career fair preparations, job searching tools, and strategies to manage interview stress and anxiety.


Celebrate - Share and celebrate the new chapter in your professional journey while exploring available internship and research grants that can further enhance your experience.

Career Fair

Career Fair - A unique platform that bridges the gap between talent and industry, offering a dynamic space for networking, learning, and discovering pathways to success.

Career Search

Career Search - Utilize job searching tools that will enhance and better inform you of the opportunities available! Employers and recruiters recognize and appreciate applicants who take the time to research and learn about the available opportunities.

Career Development Upcoming Events

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