How do I cancel my registration and/or withdraw from my program?

If you wish to withdraw from a program and cancel your registration, complete the Course Cancellation Request.

What is the refund policy?

In order to receive a refund of tuition fees for a program that is held during the fall, spring, and summer terms, a student must request cancellation of registration no later than noon on the last business day before the program/course start date. For the winter term, a student must request cancellation of registration by noon on the Monday following fall semester’s final exam week. Tuition is non-refundable if you fail to notify Global Initiatives by the above deadlines, even if you do not participate in the program.

If Miami University cancels a study abroad/away program all fees: tuition, admin fee, program fees, are fully refundable. This does not include any out-of-pocket expenses spent by the student.

If Miami University does not cancel the program, but the student decides not to participate, the program fees are non-refundable. Tuition is refundable if the student notifies us by the cancellation date listed on their registration request.

The $175 administrative fee is always non-refundable unless Miami cancels the program.

Am I eligible to take graduate level courses?

If you are registering for a graduate level course, you must be admitted to the Graduate School as either a degree seeking student or a Continuing Graduate Status (CGS) student before we can process your registration. Apply to Graduate School Now»

How are tuition and fees determined?

Tuition costs for the program are based on 1 ) residency status of the student 2) the amount of credit hours the student is registering taking 3) course level 4) course type. Tuition and administrative fees will post to the student’s Bursar account.

Note: The new Miami’s Tuition Promise only applies to semester long/selective workshops, it does not apply to any other study abroad, study away, or domestic/online workshops.

Tuition fees may not post immediately to your account. Fees are accessed using dates set in place by the Bursar’s office. If you are receiving any financial aid, those funds will not post until 10 days before the term your program is held in. If your program is a winter term program financial aid will disburse 10 days before the start of the spring term.

How do I access my Miami University Account?

Fees, grades, and other essential details regarding your registration at Miami University can be accessed online. You will automatically have a Miami University email account set up and will be able to login using the credentials below. Please check your email regularly for official notices. To access many Miami University online Services, you will need two pieces of information which are your Unique ID and password.

  1. Find my Unique ID.
  2. Your default password is derived by combining your two (2) digit birth month, two (2) digit birth day, followed by the last four (4) digits of your social security number. For example, if your birthday is 1/23/1945 and your social security number is 123-45-6789, then your default password would be 01236789. If you failed to give your social security number the last four digits of your password will be the last four digits of your banner plus number.
  3. Call Global Initiatives for assistance with locating your Banner plus number.

How much do I owe? How do I make a payment?

Instructions on how to pay your bill and the amount due can be found at One Stop for Student Success.