Monroe Classes

PLEASE NOTE: These classes have been completed. Spring 2020 curriculum will be posted when registration opens on February 27th. Feel free to browse these courses for a sampling of our past curriculum.

Monday Classes

Learn Anything/Everything with YouTube

With 30+ million active daily users worldwide and 5+ billion videos available, you can learn anything and everything and be endlessly entertained with an internet connection and YouTube. But how do you sort the gems from the junk and find content that suits your interests and needs? Let Robin show you the ins and outs of channels, subscriptions, playlists, filters, and more. While you can watch YouTube videos without an account, you will want a free Google/YouTube account to take advantage of the best YouTube features.

Supplies: Students should bring a laptop, tablet, or smartphone to class.

Instructor: Robin Seaver spent her career teaching basic computer skills from mainframe computers to today’s smartphones and tablets. She’s a fan of most things “Google” and spends at least an hour most days watching YouTube on her laptop, tablet, and/or her smartphone.

5 Mondays: October 7–November 4, 9:00–10:15am

Location: Ohio Living Mount Pleasant, Chapel

Conrad Richter’s The Town

Join us for The Town, the third and final novel in Conrad Richter’s Ohio trilogy, The Awakening Land—what the historian David McCullough called one of the finest works of historical fiction. This last novel in the trilogy won the Pulitzer Prize for fiction. The instructor has published on Richter and will share her most recent work that addresses Richter’s revisions to the novel (more than 500!) as he prepared it for publication in The Awakening Land.

Class text: Any copy of The Town by Conrad Richter is fine. The Chicago Review Press reissued the first Knopf edition; the Ohio University Press reissued the novel as it appeared in The Awakening Land.

Instructor: Marianne Cotugno is a Miami University Associate Professor of English, with publications in 20th-century American literature, workplace writing, and pedagogy.

5 Mondays: October 7–November 4, 10:45 am–12:00pm

Location: Ohio Living Mount Pleasant, Chapel

Adventures in Energy Advocacy: Being a Consumer and Community Stakeholder

The way energy is generated, transported, and purchased is dramatically changing. Residential and small business consumers need to be at the discussion table when local decisions are made; if not, they will be part of the menu. It’s time to become an active energy consumer and community stakeholder. From translating utility bills to addressing infrastructure construction projects going across the front yard, residents and small businesses will know their options. They will have a better appreciation of their rights and responsibilities to ensure energy development projects respect their neighborhood, provide consumer benefits, and enhance community development.

Instructor: Dale Arnold is Director of Energy, Utility, and Local Government Policy for the Ohio Farm Bureau Federation (OFBF). He has over three decades of experience working with federal and state regulators, utilities, energy service providers, and local governments. He manages education, community outreach, and technical assistance projects addressing energy generation, transmission, and distribution issues.

5 Mondays: October 7–November 4, 1:00–2:15pm

Location: Ohio Living Mount Pleasant, Chapel

Wednesday Classes

Around the World in 80 Minutes with Mt. Pleasant Foodies

Chef Eric’s lectures, demonstrations, and recipes will feature foods from Mexico, India, Canada, Chile, and China. Special emphasis will be on locally sourced meats and produce that are heart healthy. Classes will be interactive and hands-on with participants preparing a recipe each session. Eric will share his substitution lists as well as his “chef hacks.”

Instructor: Eric Yung is an honors graduate of the Culinary Institute of America and has worked at Michelin-starred restaurants in Sante Fe, Maine, and New York City. He was the Executive Chef and Director of Catering at Miami University and the corporate Food and Beverage Director for the Five Seasons Corporation. Currently, he is the Director of Culinary Services at Mount Pleasant.

5 Wednesdays: October 9–November 6, 3:00–4:20 pm

Location: Ohio Living Mount Pleasant, Activity Building

Thursday Classes

Mind Fit

Join us for a fun and interactive five-week course to improve cognitive function. Just like the body, the brain experiences changes in structure and function due to aging. Studies have shown, however, that you can delay age-related cognitive decline and reduce the risk of neurocognitive disorders by adopting healthy lifestyle behaviors. Mind Fit is designed to boost brain health through activities engaging the seven areas of well-being: cognitive stimulation, coping skills, social ties, sensory stimulation, recreation, exercise, and diet.

Instructor: Home Care Assistance staff

5 Thursdays: October 10–November 7, 9:15–10:15am

Location: Ohio Living Mount Pleasant, Chapel

More from Mound

This series includes topics that explore Mound technology and new space vehicles that SpaceX is using to deliver payloads to the International Space Station and for future Moon and Mars missions. Exploring closer to home, we’ll uncover the mysteries of the Adena Indian Mound adjacent to the site and, lastly, learn about the racial riots that brought tense times to Dayton during the 1970s.

October 10From Miamisburg to the Moon: Mound’s Nuclear Battery and the Apollo MissionsMandy Askins is Site and Project Manager for Dayton History at the Mound Cold War Discovery Center in Miamisburg.

October 17Hydrogen Applications for Space Missions as Fuel, Cryogenic Cooling, and in Batteries, Etc.Robert Bowman was a Science Fellow at Mound Lab and is a consultant who subsequently has worked in the aerospace industry and at Oak Ridge National Laboratory.

October 24History of the Miamisburg Adena Indian MoundLarry Suttman was on the Board of Directors and the Curator for many years at the Miamisburg Indian Mound. He’ll share little-known facts about the Adena Mound.

October 31SpaceX: Revolutionizing Space TransportationJerry Black has worked as an aerospace engineer for over 40 years.

November 7Racial Tensions on the Westside of Dayton in the 1970sDan Baker is a 25-year veteran law enforcement officer in Dayton who worked at DOE nuclear sites, including Mound, for 10 years.

Coordinator: Dave Balsmeyer was a Construction Project Manager at Mound from 1965–1994.

5 Thursdays: October 10–November 7, 10:45am–12:00pm

Location: Ohio Living Mount Pleasant, Chapel

Afternoon Lectures

Planting Issues: We appreciate the complex world of plants and we interact with its diversity in many ways. Join our speakers to learn how they are responding to some of the challenges in the plant world.

October 10Why Plant Native?Chris McCullough is the recently retired president of the Cincinnati Chapter of Wild One.

October 17Saving the MonarchMarsha Caudill is a lifetime resident of Franklin who has been raising monarchs for four years. Last year she released 110 butterflies!

October 24Plants in the Bible You Can Grow, Eat and UseJohn Morris is a pastor, a husband, father of three, and Papa to five. He has taught his children and three oldest grandchildren to garden.

October 31Oh, the Variety in TreesBetty Elworth taught English, history, and geography in high schools in Ohio and Colorado. Don Elworth worked at Wright-Patterson AFIT and as a salesman for EG&G.

November 7 – TBA

Coordinator: Lois Philips is a retired Miami University administrator.

5 Thursdays: October 10–November 7, 1:00–2:15pm

Location: Ohio Living Mount Pleasant, Chapel

Why Talk about End-of-Life Issues?

Let’s be honest, it’s difficult to talk about end-of-life issues. In a relaxed setting, class participants will reflect on their own life experiences and explore ways to make meaning from them as they age. Weekly speakers will address different end-of-life choices, funeral planning ideas, and grief care. Class topics are designed so that they will provide helpful information for participants on their own personal journeys, as well as for when they interact with others.

Instructor: Karen Fleming is an ordained Nazarene pastor and a health care chaplain at Mt. Pleasant Retirement Community.

5 Thursdays: October 10–November 7, 2:45–4:00pm

Location: Ohio Living Mount Pleasant, Chapel