West Chester Classes

PLEASE NOTE: These classes have been completed. Spring 2020 curriculum will be posted when registration opens on February 27th. Feel free to browse these courses for a sampling of our past curriculum.

Tuesday Classes

Economics, History, Politics, and Your Life, Course #2 

This continues the presentations of entertaining videos and real facts to help you see through the distressing headlines and deceptive advertising aimed at us, the retired generation, in a welcoming discussion format. Topics cover recent events that impact our daily lives as we approach the 2020 election. We will also journey thru some historical events that caused the “how and why” of the world we live in today as Americans. Included will be more fascinating facts about how people behave with money and answers to questions requested by attendees from the original Course #1 in April 2019. 

Instructor: Paul Lohr is a retired business manager, consultant, teacher, and elected official. He served one four-year term on the Lakota School District Board of Education.

4 Tuesdays: October 8–29; 9:00–10:15am

Location: Voice of America Learning Center, Auditorium

Discovering Nature in Your Own Backyard 

You don’t have to travel far to find inspiration and fulfillment in nature. From microscopic soil life to migrating monarch butterflies to incredible apex predators, you can find them all without ever having to leave your community. Learn how to discover and appreciate the wondrous creatures you may have been overlooking, perhaps even in your own backyard.

Instructor: Shannon Russell Pennington is a staff naturalist for the Warren County Park District and owner and naturalist, Mother Nature’s Classroom, LLC.

5 Tuesdays: October 8–November 5; 10:45am–12:00pm

Location: Voice of America Learning Center, Auditorium

Tuesday Brown Bag Lecture Series 

Each week the Brown Bag Lecture series presents a speaker who will discuss a topic of interest and importance. Plan to bring your lunch and enjoy this ILR tradition.

October 8Green Stamps to Kroger Apps: Remember Licking those Green Stamps for Free Gifts?Shannon Womer was employed by the City of Cincinnati Department of Health for 30+ years. Both Shannon and his wife, Kathy, have moderated a number of OLLI classes since 2012.

October 15Live Longer, Live Better, As We Grow OlderRoy Franchi, born in London, England, and educated at the Polytechnic School, joined the Royal Navy at age 18 and in 1950 joined the UK division of Procter & Gamble.

October 22Take Better Photos While TravelingPaul Holzschuher is a retired electrical engineer who has been an avid photographer since the 1950s. He has graciously agreed to share his travel photos and videos with us.

October 29Chocolate…What’s Not to Like?Deb Price volunteers with OLLI and is always willing to share her wealth of knowledge and wit to tell her story. Samples included, of course!

November 5White Collar CrimeSSA Ben Egan, a twelve year veteran of the FBI, is currently the supervisor of the White Collar Crime Squad at the Cincinnati Field office.

Coordinators: Sharon Chapman is a retired executive assistant. Frank Chapman is a retired construction engineer.

5 Tuesdays: October 8–November 5; 12:30–1:45pm
Location: Voice of America Learning Center, Auditorium

Cooking Made Easy: Cooking for the Biggest Health Benefits 

Chef Cory Savage continues his popular demonstration-style class with the preparation of a special entrée at each class. He will share tips, substitutions, and answer questions while participants enjoy the prepared entrée and samples to go. Classes will include grilled zucchini with red, green, and yellow pepper sauce; chicken and broccoli stir fry; eggplant tortilla casserole; vegan cauliflower fettuccine alfredo with kale; and southwestern sweet potato stew.

Instructor: Chef Cory Savage studied at the Sullivan Culinary Institute and has extensive experience in fine dining and catering. He is the executive chef for Hillandale Family of Communities at Chesterwood Village.

5 Tuesdays: October 8–November 5; 2:15–3:30pm
Location: Chesterwood Village, Dining Room

French and European Mystery Novels in Translation 

Our course is now in its 14th year. We have assembled a group of presenters to lead the four-book discussion group. Mark Plageman will discuss The Man Upon the Stair by Gary Inbinder. Carolyn Gard, who directed academic technologies at three universities, including Miami, will present All Shall Be Well by Deborah Crombie. Dennis Sullivan, Professor Emeritus of Miami, who is an avid reader of American and European mystery writers, will lead a discussion of Death in Vienna by Frank Tallis, and Tom Gard, Professor Emeritus of University of Georgia, chose to discuss The Resistance Man by Martin Walker.

Students should read The Man Upon the Stair for the first class. Since this course is a book discussion group, enrollment will be limited. Prior participation is not necessary.

Class texts: As noted in above course description.

Coordinator: Mark Plageman, Professor Emeritus of Miami, has been teaching ILR courses for 12 years. His specialty is French and European Mystery Writers in Translation.

5 Tuesdays: October 8–November 5; 2:15–3:30pm
Location: Chesterwood Village, Art Studio

Health and Flavor: Fresh Olive Oils & Aged Balsamic Vinegars 

Great taste is just the beginning when it comes to olive oils and balsamic vinegars. Olive oils are a source of health benefits, but the oil needs to be fresh to deliver these gifts. Learn why freshness is so important, what biophenols are, and what role they play in your health. Balsamic vinegars are the opposite; they need to be aged. Learn how balsamic vinegars are made, where they need to originate to be true balsamic vinegars, and discover the health benefits of these delicious fruits of the vine. We will explore different uses of olive oils and balsamic vinegars for salads, desserts, marinades, and even cocktails.

Instructor: Melanie Cedargren is the owner of The Spicy Olive in West Chester.

2 Tuesdays: October 8–15; 4:00–5:15pm
Location: The Spicy Olive, 7671 Cox Ln.

Cinema Classics: Be Hep(Burn) with Kathryn 

Join us this semester with classics from the indomitable American stage and film actress, Kathryn Hepburn. As an actress, she was noted for her brisk upper-class accent and tomboyish beauty. The top female American screen legend of all time will intrigue you with a variety of screwball comedy, romantic comedy, adventure, and historical fiction—all while you snack on freshly-popped popcorn and enjoy refreshing cold drinks and full-size candy treats.

October 8Bringing Up Baby–Classic screwball comedy with Cary Grant.

October 15Adam’s Rib–Romantic courtroom comedy with Spencer Tracy and Judy Holliday.

October 22African Queen–Adventure story with Humphrey Bogart about people caught in war-torn Africa (from the C.S. Forester novel).

October 29The Lion in Winter–Historical fiction with Peter O’Toole playing Henry II and Hepburn as Eleanor of Aquitaine (based on the James Goldman play).

November 5On Golden Pond–Comedy/drama with Henry Fonda about an older married couple who are grappling with life’s end and the estrangement of their daughter (played by Jane Fonda).

Coordinator: Doug Iden is a big fan of movies and theatrical musicals with an extensive collection of films and original Broadway scores. He has taught classes on Broadway and film for several years.

5 Tuesdays: October 8–November 5; 6:30–8:30pm
Location: Chesterwood Village, Theatre 


Wednesday Classes

Beyond Religion: This I Believe; But What If...? 

The great world religions have been around for a LONG time. What if, in this 21st century, it is time to move beyond religions that separate and find a new, more meaningful way to understand God and our relationship to the Divine? The course will give participants an opportunity to examine, question, and take a new look at some basic beliefs about God and God’s image; our relationship to God; sin, heaven and hell; prayer, meditation, and contemplation; Christ consciousness; and soul/spirit. If you are ready to awaken to the possibility of a new truth, please join me in this study.

Instructor: Patricia Copeland, a career educator, has served three churches as Christian Education Director and for the past 10 years has studied contemporary spiritual books and led study groups on this topic.

3 Wednesdays: October 9–23; 9:00–10:15am
Location: Voice of America Learning Center, room 111

WWI: Causes and the War 

We will explore the causes of World War I—nationalism, militarism, alliances, imperialism, and economics—and the war itself. Major battles to be discussed will be the Battles of the Marne, Jutland, and Tannenberg, as well as the Second Battle of the Marne. We will also explore changes to military technology. The course will conclude with a discussion of the peace treaties, including the Treaty of Versailles.

Instructor: Ken Schneider taught history in high school for 41 years and has presented at Advanced Placement workshops since 1997.

5 Wednesdays: October 9–November 6; 9:00–10:15am
Location: Voice of America Learning Center, Auditorium

America at Battle 

Many war stories are left on the battlefield forever. Fortunately for us, those with a passion for recognizing the heroics of these “everyday Americans” keep their stories alive.

October 9The Story of Israel PutnamTony Steer has been teaching about the Revolutionary War for 12 years and has judged competitions at Ohio History Day and at the American Legion Constitutional Oratory Contest. He has also conducted presentations in many venues including UC (Blue Ash) and Ohio Humanities at the Jewish Community Center.

October 16Another Soldier’s StoryGabrielle Strand is a retired Lakota Local elementary teacher and is a member of ILR’s curriculum committee.

October 23The First Allied Victory of World War IIAndy Stefanopoulos was a history major at Miami who continues to study history by attending presentations and visiting numerous national historic sites.

October 30The Soldiers’ National Cemetery at GettysburgNorm Langenbrunner is a Civil War buff with a fascination and affection for Gettysburg. He has visited there about 20 times over the years.

November 6The Wright B Flyer: Past, Present, & FutureFred Tegarden is currently Vice President of the Wright B Flyer Org., an organization dedicated to the promotion of the achievements of the Wright Brothers.

Coordinator: Jane Gegner has been a member of Miami’s ILR curriculum committee for many years. She is passionate about history and education.

5 Wednesdays: October 9–November 6; 10:45 am–12:00pm 
Location: Voice of America Learning Center, Auditorium  

Wednesday Brown Bag Lecture Series 

Enjoy spending time on the Little Miami River, get to know Mr. Rogers, tour Cincinnati, go to the circus, and learn about the Great Flood of 1913.

October 9Smallmouth Sonny of Bass Island BarWilliam Schroeder is an author, Ohio Certified Volunteer Naturalist, and board member and vice president of The Little Miami Conservancy, a volunteer nonprofit organization dedicated to restoration and preservation of the Little Miami River.

October 16My Day with Fred RogersJohn Kieswetter reports on television/media for Cincinnati Public Radio’s WVXU-FM. For 40 years he was a reporter and editor for the Cincinnati Enquirer, including three decades as television columnist in which he traveled to Los Angeles to preview shows, visit studios, and interview actors, writers, and executives.

October 23Cincinnati Memories Armchair Tour, Part 4Jeanne Roffes is a retired fundraiser who has given more than 400 presentations. Jeanne has presented Parts 1, 2, and 3 of the Armchair Tours for ILR at previous sessions. She has also been a guide for one of our Special Events.

October 30Life Under the Big TopMichael Clements was introduced to circus life by his grandfather who worked as a blacksmith and aerialist with the Hagenbeck-Wallack Circus. Besides enjoying performances, Michael was treated to visits to the winter home of the circus in Peru, Indiana, where he learned about circus life on the other side of the tent.

November 6The Big Water: The Flood of 1913Sam Ashworth was employed in the design department of Armco Steel Corporation for 15 years, including a three-year term in the United States Army. In 1979, Sam started his own graphic design firm. He currently serves as board chair of the Butler County Visitors Bureau and is a member of the advisory committee of Heritage Hall in Hamilton.

Coordinator: Marlene Esseck is a retired educator from the Lakota Local School District.

5 Wednesdays: October 9–November 6; 12:30–1:45pm
Location: Voice of America Learning Center, Auditorium

Holistic Health & Wellness 

Have you always wanted to sit down with a pharmacist and talk about your health and lifestyle choices for more than five minutes at the pharmacy counter over a prescription medication refill? Well, now is your chance. Learn about topics related to wellness and healing with a unique mind-body-spirit twist. Each presentation will engage the audience in lively pro/con evidence based conversations about meds vs. supplements vs. mind-body spirit lifestyle interventions for health. Week 1: Memory Health: Even Elephants Forget Sometimes! Week 2: Debunking Myths About Dietary Supplements

Instructor: Cathy Rosenbaum is a holistic clinical pharmacist, certified health coach, and Founder/CEO Rx Integrative Solutions, a consulting practice in holistic health & wellness in Blue Ash.

2 Wednesdays: October 9–16; 2:15–3:30pm
Location: Voice of America Learning Center, Auditorium

Getting Better with Age 

Quoting Jane Pauley’s foreword in the book The Old Rush, “Boomers are the first generation to get a heads-up when they are approaching ‘retirement age’ that there are additional opportunities available, if they want to seize them. Peter Hubbell has been looking at how the cumulative effects of all the individual decisions are changing the shape of markets and business opportunities.” Come and learn why his company, BoomAgers, calls the 50+ market “The Most Valuable Generation.” 

Instructors: Peter Hubbell is CEO of the leading marketing services agency focused on age 50+ consumers. He is an accomplished author of two books on aging: The Old Rush and Getting Better With AgeTim Love is Retired Vice Chairman of Omnicom Group, the leading marketing services holding company in the U.S. and a leader globally. Tim is an alumnus of Miami University, class of 1971, and a frequent speaker at Miami University.

1 Wednesday, October 23; 2:15-3:30pm 
Location: Voice of America Learning Center, Auditorium

How Wild is It?

Africa to Yellowstone, waterways to zoos—a myriad of wildlife images. Tips on wildlife photography you can use. Photographing wildlife is a great way to enjoy and understand the wonderful gifts of nature.

Instructor: Ernie Martin has enjoyed photography for over 20 years, including helping others learn how to improve their work. He favors outdoor photography, wildlife, nature, scenic landscapes, and some still-life subjects. Ernie is a longtime active member of the West Chester Photo Club and is certified as a judge by the Photographic Society of America.

1 Wednesday: October 30; 2:15–3:30pm
Location: Voice of America Learning Center, Auditorium

Sixth of June 1944: A Day in Infamy

Come and listen to the experiences of the son of a Normandy Invasion veteran who attended the 75th D-Day Anniversary commemorative events in Normandy, France. 

Instructor: Larry Mallett is a retired U.S. Air Force Chief Master Sergeant who travels to Europe each year in search of his father’s 82nd Airborne Division footsteps during the Normandy Invasion and the Battle of the Bulge. You’ll see a recently produced documentary film, Sixth of June, and hear firsthand accounts of veterans who participated in the D-Day invasion of Normandy. Sixth of June is the story of why we remember, and what we lose if we forget.

1 Wednesday, November 6; 2:15-3:30pm 
Location: Voice of America Learning Center, Auditorium