ILR Policies

Policies for Travel and Courses Involving Physical Activity

Following Miami University policies for domestic travel programs, the Institute for Learning in Retirement has developed protocols for handling issues that may arise during the facilitation of a course/event in which exercise or mobility is involved. Recognizing that prevention can alleviate many emergencies, follow these steps:

Prior to each course/event that involves physical activity of any nature, follow these safety instructions:

  1. Any course/event involving physical activity of any nature (i.e. yoga, hiking, swimming, etc.) or an event involving travel must have a course liaison or Miami staff member present.
  2. Any course/event involving physical activity or travel must have the participants’ emergency medical contact information on hand with the liaison, instructor, or Miami staff member. These records must be present at each meeting of the course/event.
  3. There must be a working cell phone present at all times during such courses/events.
  4. In courses/events where participants are mobile (hiking/touring), there must be an instructor, liaison, or Miami staff member at both the front and rear of the group.
  5. In courses/events where participants are mobile (hiking/touring), no participant may be permitted to leave the group without an escort. If an escort has not accompanied the participant to the class/event, a liaison or staff member must accompany the participant.
  6. Take attendance before/after each course/event that involves exercise or travel. 

If a participant becomes ill, falls, collapses, becomes lost/separated from the group, etc.; what do I do?

  • Assign a class member to stay with the stricken participant.
  • Call 911.
  • Return to the class and wait for emergency personnel.
  • Contact ILR at 529-8500 and/or Global Initiatives at 529-8600.
  • Fill-out and return an Incident Report form (found in this Handbook) to ILR after the participant has received care.

Conflict of Interest Policy

Instructors, presenters, and coordinators in the Institute for Learning in Retirement (ILR) are volunteers.  They receive no compensation for their participation.  Instructors and coordinators do, however, receive an ILR membership fee waiver (presenters do not) for the semester in which they volunteer, and may take as many ILR courses in that semester as they wish. This ILR membership fee waiver applies only to those instructors and coordinators who teach at least a four-week course for ILR and applies only to the term in which they are teaching.

Current employees of Miami University who participate in ILR as instructors or speakers or coordinators must be aware of and be in full compliance with Miami Information and Policy Manual 3.12: Conflicts of Interest/Commitment.

All volunteer instructors and coordinators agree to the following stipulations of our conflict of interest policy: 

  1. Volunteers are not employees.
  2. Volunteers may not solicit ILR members for their services while serving as an instructor or coordinator for the ILR.
  3. Volunteers may not hand out business cards while serving as an instructor or coordinator for the ILR.
  4. Volunteers may not advertise their services in ILR publications.
  5. Volunteers may not use their position to gain benefits others may not receive.
  6. ILR Courses must not be used to promote commercial interests, whether to sell a product or service or to publicize a business or profession. You may state your background, including business affiliation, in your first class meeting, but you should not do so thereafter. Promotional materials may not be distributed in ILR classes.