Creative Arts

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Venice: Art Capital Past and Present

Experience Design Disney World

View from inside a gondola as it cruises the canal

Experience Venice as your classroom and be immersed in the rich and unique culture of Venice from Renaissance to Modern Art.

Disneyworld and monorail

How does Disney create unforgettable memories for guests and how can we apply these methods in our own work? Learn how Disney Imagineers create services, interactions, sounds, images, structures, and stories to make magic at Walt Disney World!

London Interactive Design

Cincinnati Summer Immersion Program

London skyline and River Thames

While working with a cross-functional team of students from Engineering, Business, Creative Art, or any other major, students will apply design thinking in a real-world setting, develop practical skills, and produce a product design for a UK client!

Nighttime view of Cincinnati skyline and bridges near river

In this summer design build program in Over-the-Rhine, Cincinnati, students will work for real-world clients from concept to production for the benefit of the local community!