Creative Arts

Cincinnati Summer Immersion Program (CSIP)

Students of all majors will have the chance to engage first-hand with urban issues in the Greater Cincinnati area. Students will focus on issues such as poverty and inequality and approach it from the perspectives of history and culture.

Experience Design Disney

Have you ever wondered how Disney designs magic? Get a glimpse behind the scenes on this program at Walt Disney World in Florida. Students will study how Disney creates their magical theme park experience through multi-sensory design outcomes, fostering delight, and entertainment access for guests of every need and ability.

Italy: Writing, Media and Culture

Get a taste of Italian culture on this program in Florence and Rome. Open to all majors, this program allows students to learn by experience through workshops focusing on film and writing. Students will also get the chance to compare and contrast American and Italian culture, learning about both heritage and shifts in culture.

Rome, Florence and Venice: Arts and Culture

This program gives students the exciting opportunity to explore the beautiful and rich history of Italy in three of its most renowned cities: Rome, Florence, and Venice. Discover the Italian roots in Western Civilization by examining ancient architecture, exquisite cuisine, and copious music and art, with particular focus on the Italian Renaissance.

Intensive Italian Language and Fashion in Reggio Emilia

Explore Reggio Emilia in Northern Italy on this immersive program where students of all majors can study Italian language or fashion. A city known for its refined cuisine and high-end craftsmanship, it is also off the path of mass tourism which provides students with a unique opportunity to be immersed in the Italian culture.

Interactive Design in London

Students will have the valuable opportunity to live and work in London, developing new skills on the job with a diverse team to create a new product design. This is a highly collaborative experience where you will work with client employees to learn about the evolving design and work culture in England.