Top 5 Study Abroad Myths

1. Myth: Studying Abroad is too expensive.

Fact: Programs are available in a variety of price ranges, and some even cost less than a semester at Miami. Maximize your financial aid package with programs that charge Miami tuition (MUDEC, faculty-led programs, and exchanges) and apply early for additional study abroad scholarships!

2. Myth: I won’t have time to study abroad if I want to graduate on time.

Fact: Planning ahead will ensure you earn credit towards your Global Miami Plan or degree requirements, keeping you on track for graduation. Trying to finish a second major? Miami offers 2-12 week opportunities during spring break, summer, and winter term, in addition to semester long-programs, giving you additional opportunities to go above and beyond.

3. Myth: Study abroad trips are far away and require that I speak a foreign language.

Fact: Many study abroad programs are within a half day’s flight, and study away programs offer immersive experiences within the United States. You might be surprised how many locations offer courses taught in English!

4. Myth: Study abroad course credits will not transfer.

Fact: MUDEC and faculty-led programs offer Miami courses, so no transfer is required! Study abroad advisors can confirm that courses taken on non-Miami programs will transfer.

5. Myth: Studying abroad is not for me. I don’t want to miss out on life on campus and I need to focus on my career goals.

Fact: Don’t fear being left out of campus activities or events. You will have unique opportunities and experiences that your friends at home will not! With the number of programs offered at Miami, there is a program for you that can fit into your interests and academic needs and enhance your resume.