Tea Tasting

Miami students at tea tasting event
tea tasting table

This event brings a world of teas to share with you as students bring their home country cultures to Miami. It is one of best times to get to know about different tea-drinking cultures and taste various styles of teas, such as Chinese Pu'er, Indian Chai Latte, Iraqi Kojarat tea, Japanese Sencha, Malawian tea, Thai tea, Turkish tea and Vietnamese Oolong tea. We will host this event from 7–9pm on Friday, October 5, 2018, in the Armstrong Student Center Pavilion A/B.

We would like to call for students and/or student organizations to sponsor a table to represent their home country.

Represent your home country by volunteering to run a table at the event

Thanksgiving Dinner

Miami students and community members at the ISSS Thanksgiving Dinner

Miami staff or Oxford community members taking a photo with a turkey at the ISSS Thanksgiving Dinner

This annual event typically takes place during International Education Week and is open to all Miami University international students and scholars, staff and faculty, as well as Oxford community members. The purpose is to share the Thanksgiving holiday with our international students and scholars and give them the opportunity to interact with staff, faculty, and community members. With around 300 people in attendance each year, it is one of ISSS’ signature events and includes a traditional Thanksgiving dinner as well as plenty of opportunities for fellowship and conversation.

International Education Week

Students at Vietnam booth at festival

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International Education Week Ceremony

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International Education Week (IEW) is an initiative of the U.S. Department of State and the U.S. Department of Education that draws attention to the value of international education. Aligning with the vision of Miami 2020 to “promote a diverse culture of inclusion, integrity, and collaboration that deepens understanding and embraces intercultural and global experiences,” Miami University celebrates IEW annually with a wide range of activities, international food, and events.

Intercontinental Week

Student presenting at festival booth

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Dance performance

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This week of cultural events takes place each April and is coordinated by the International Student Organization. The week typically includes a variety of events, activities, performances, and festivals. One of the signature events is the International Fair, which features booths from various countries, cultures, and organizations, as well as live performances and free food.

Graduation Celebration and Dinner

Two students taking selfies at graduation

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International Graduation Ceremonuy

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This annual event takes place on the last day of classes (Friday evening) each spring semester. All international students graduating in May or August, as well as their family members, are invited and encouraged to attend. The event includes a buffet dinner, remarks from students and staff, recognition of graduating students, as well as a small token of congratulation.

If you are graduating in May or August, you should have received an invitation from us via email. We will host a graduation celebration and dinner for you. We encourage you to bring your guests or family members, as well as nominate one person who has supported you the most. We would really like to thank them for supporting you along this journey!

More Events

ISSS hosts many events throughout the year. Other events have included a Meet Your Advisors gathering at the beginning of the semester, a Sports Series introducing international students to popular American Sports, a Spring Break Family Fun Day and Potluck Lunch, a World Hijab Day event co-sponsored by the Women’s Center, and others. If you have an idea for an ISSS event or would like to collaborate, please contact us!