Orientation Program and Dates

Uptown Oxford with a Welcome International Students sign

Your orientation will begin on Wednesday, January 22, 2020. ISSS staff and International Peer Orientation Leaders (iPOLS) are looking forward to welcoming you at morning welcome session. Complimentary breakfast will be provided. More details on time and location to be announced soon.

Note for all students: At your morning welcome session you will receive an individualized orientation schedule (please note that each schedule is different, so you MUST follow YOUR OWN individualized schedule).

You are expected to stay on campus for the entire orientation program from the starting day to the beginning of the academic semester. Attendance at the International Student Orientation Program is MANDATORY for ALL students. All students must be on time to attend the program, so PLEASE DO NOT arrive late. What will you do during the Orientation Program?

The orientation program includes vital information and activities for your success as a student at Miami University including but not limited to:

Orientation Program Start Date

Wednesday, January 22, 2020