Information Technology

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IT Services provides support, solutions, and software to all students at Miami. Check out some of the key services below and follow links for more information!

IMPORTANT: Duo Security | In order to access Miami University resources, you will need to be enrolled in Duo, our two-factor authentication tool. When you first try to log in to a Miami resource (i.e., myMiami, BannerWeb, Canvas, etc.) after confirming your enrollment, you will be prompted to enroll in Duo. Then, whenever you log in to your Miami accounts after that, you will be asked to provide a Duo code.

For those who use a different phone when in your home countries: If you don’t have a data or cellular plan with your U.S. smartphone when you visit home for the holidays or during the summer, you can add your international device as a second device to your Duo account. Please see the Knowledge Base for more information about adding a second device. You can also simply use your U.S. phone (with the Duo Mobile app) as your Duo authentication deviceyou don’t need cellular or data access to use the app.

Duo helps us keep your data safe from hackers. It’s quick, it’s easy, and it’s painless. Thank you for helping us make Miami secure!

Get Help

IT Services offers students several methods to get technology help. Our Knowledge Base is full of searchable, self-serve information to use at your convenience, or we have phone and live chat available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year!

MiTech Center

Location: Shriver Center, Brick & Ivy Campus Store

Students can also visit the Campus Store to get some in-person hardware support, such as:

  • Warranty hardware repair (student laptop program)
  • Warranty hardware repair for all Mac laptops
  • Hardware consulting/repair
  • Software support
  • Help with connecting to the Wi-Fi

Accessible Technology Services and AccessMU Center

Location: 316 Shriver Center

The AccessMU Center provides information and campus resources (including hardware, software, and services) to ensure equal access to classes and University programs.

Get Connected (to the network!)

Miami UniqueID

The Miami UniqueID and MUnet password are used to sign in to the vast majority of Miami systems, including email, myMiami, and BannerWeb.

If you cannot locate your unique ID, follow these steps to look up your UniqueID and set up a password:

  • Your user identification number is generally your Banner ID number, which you can find at the bottom of your Admission letter. It starts with a + sign. Enter this number. If you have difficulty finding your Banner+ number, please refer to the IT Services Knowledge Base.
  • Your default password is generally your two-digit month of birth/two-digit day of birth/last 4 digits of your Banner ID number (ex. MMDDNNNN)

You can choose to change your default MUnet password or you may be prompted to do so when you initially log into myMiami with your default password. It is recommended that you set up recovery options to assist you if you forget your password. Recovering a forgotten password may involve visiting MiTech (in the Campus Store) in person or faxing identification documents to the IT Help support desk if you do not set up recovery options.

For further questions regarding your Miami UniqueID and MUnet password, or if you need help resetting it, please contact IT Help by calling 513-529-7900.

Network Access: Wi-Fi and Wired

Miami gives you two great connection options:

  • Wi-Fi (Wireless)--connect virtually anywhere on Miami’s campus, including in the residence halls. Choose MU-WIRELESS and log in with your UniqueID and password.
  • Wired--use an Ethernet cable to connect your computer or game system to the data jack in your room.

Mobile Devices

Connect your mobile device to MU-WIRELESS and to your Miami Mail account.

For help connecting to email and calendar, go to and search:

  • “Email: Android”
  • “Email: iPhone”

Information About Compromised Devices

In some situations, devices can be blocked from accessing Miami’s network due to suspected virus or malware. If you have issues getting connected to the Wi-Fi, your device may be compromised.

If your device was blocked, you will receive a ticket from IT Help in your email. Follow the instructions in that email, or call/chat with IT Help (513-529-7900) to get your device back on the network.

Password Recovery Options

Important! Set password recovery options so you can access your account if you forget your password. Visit to learn more.

About VPN

Miami’s Virtual Private Network, or VPN, allows you to access certain Miami resources (that are restricted to on-campus access) from off-campus locations. If you are off campus and unable to access a Miami resource, use the VPN.

This creates a private, secure channel for you to connect to the internet through Miami’s network. Please visit

Other Network Devices

Game consoles, DVRs, and some media streaming devices (e.g., Roku players) will work with Miami’s residence hall wired network and wirelessly on MU-GAMING. (Xbox One consoles require a wired connection.)

Some other devices may require manual network configuration. Instructions can be found at:

Get connected while traveling

Eduroam is a secure roaming access service available in nearly 70 countries and territories. Log in using your Miami email address and password. Miami students, faculty, and staff can easily connect to the internet when visiting other participating institutions, including Ohio State, the University of Cincinnati, and the Talawanda School District, just to name a few. It also allows guests from participating institutions to access a secure connection while on Miami’s campus.

Search “eduroam” at for more information

Get Service

Here you’ll find a list of the free software and useful tools you’ll use every day at Miami. You can also go to for more information.

Free Microsoft Office

You can get Microsoft Office at no cost. Install the latest version of Office on up to five devices of each type: computer, tablet, and phone.

Go to to download your free software.

myMiami (

This will be your jumping-off point for all web-based Miami services. Access Quick Links for your email account, Canvas, BannerWeb, OneStop, and more. myMiami is also used as a notification center for important campus news.

Canvas (

Each of your classes will have a Canvas site where your instructors post syllabi, documents, video clips, images, grades, announcements, and more. Your instructor may also hold online discussions, give quizzes, or conduct surveys.

Miami Mail (

You have a lifetime Miami Mail Gmail account. Google Apps for Education provide you with Gmail, Calendar, Docs, Drive, and more.

FYI--Miami considers email an official form of University communication and will use your Miami Mail address to communicate with you. To learn more, search “Google” at

Philo (

Access free streaming TV in the dorms! You have access to more than 150 channels and local news from Cincinnati and Dayton, along with some DVR capabilities. Stream directly to laptop, tablet, or phone--or use a Roku device to stream to television


  • Pay4Print: Send files to Pay4Print printers from anywhere on campus. High-quality printers are located across campus, in black & white and color. Visit for more information.
  • Library Printing: Access printers via Google Cloud Print. Visit Guide: Use MUprint for more information.

Other important IT information

IMPORTANT: Wireless Printers

Wireless printers and personal access points are not allowed in the residence halls. They cause disruption to Miami’s wireless serviceand you don’t want to be responsible for your neighbor getting kicked off the Wi-Fi. If you have a wireless printer, disable the wireless while on campus. Check your printer’s instructions or support website for how to turn off the wireless, and use a USB cable to connect to your computer.

Emergency Text Messaging System

The Miami Emergency Text Messaging System (ETMS) can send texts and/or emails to all registered accounts. This is used only in situations that pose an immediate danger or require the closing of a campus.

Your email address is already registered. Add your phone number for text alerts at

Online Software Training

Hundreds of online tutorials from Hoonuit allow you to learn a software tool in depth or just look up how a specific function works. Learn about Microsoft Office, Adobe Creative Suite, Canvas, podcasting, and much more. Visit and log in with your Miami UniqueID and password.

By connecting to Miami’s network, you agree to abide by Miami’s Responsible Use of Computing Policy.