J-1 scholars are only permitted to pursue the work described on the DS-2019. This means that they must be pursuing their J-1 program objective (typically teaching or conducting research in their area of study), and may only do so at the Site(s) of Activity listed. They may be paid by Miami University if this is indicated on the DS-2019.

Occasional lectures and short-term consultations

J-1 scholars are not permitted to pursue employment outside of the activity listed on their DS-2019 except in very limited circumstances. A J-1 professor or research scholar may participate in occasional lectures and short-term consultations beyond what is listed on the DS-2019 (for example, at another institution) when authorized in advance by ISSS under specific conditions. Federal regulations state that these occasional lectures or short-term consultations must:

  • be directly related to the objectives of the J-1 scholar’s program
  • be incidental to the J-1 scholar’s primary program activities
  • not delay the completion date of the scholar’s program
  • be documented in SEVIS

If the J-1 scholar will receive wages or other remuneration for such activities, he or she must act as an independent contractor.

In order to request authorization to engage in occasional lectures or short-term consultations, you must submit the following to ISSS at least two weeks in advance:

  • A letter from the outside institution setting forth the terms and conditions of the offer to lecture or consult including the duration, number of hours, field or subject, amount of compensation, and description of such activity
  • A letter from your faculty supervisor at Miami University recommending such activity and explaining how it would enhance your J-1 program