Spring 2020 Calendar

Unless otherwise noted, you will have each Friday-Sunday off without class. Please note that while the MUDEC program typically does not have class instruction on weekends, there are occasionally required weekend course-related activities and lectures.

This calendar should be taken as tentative until the final calendar is published and noted as final.

No travel within the Schengen region is permitted before the program due to European immigration regulations. Everyone must enter the Schengen region on the exact date specified on this calendar. However, students are permitted to remain in Europe up to 90 days after the end of the semester, but must depart Schengen within this timeframe. There are further restrictions on when you can return to the Schengen area. For more information on countries that are included in the Schengen region, please consult the US State Department website. Please note that these are legal requirements, not Miami University policies.

**Please note that exact study tour travel dates and times will be finalized by the individual professor at the beginning of the semester. Do not make any travel plans during study tours until you have confirmed travel dates with your professors. Should you have further questions, please contact the professor directly.

Spring 2020
Jan. 26 Students depart from the U.S.
Jan. 27 Students arrive in Luxembourg (do not arrive after 1500 this day)
Jan. 28, 31–Feb. 02 Mandatory Integration Program in Luxembourg (Attendance required) and begin morning classes
Jan. 29 Begin full class schedule
Mar. 23-28 Semester Study Tour** (Students are responsible for transportation to study tour location)
Mar. 29-Apr. 05 Mid-term holiday break
Apr. 6 Classes resume
Apr. 10-13 Easter Holiday, no classes
Apr. 14 Classes resume
May 11-13 Final Exams
May 14 Students depart Luxembourg [Schengen Area]
(do not book flights prior to 0930 this day 
if you intend to use public transportation to the airport)
May 15 Final grades due by noon