Independent Studies

Is Independent Study for You?

While I was at MUDEC, I was unaware that students could even take independent classes. Luckily for me I am a double major and was able to take two Politics classes that pertained directly to my major. However, for students who don’t have any major classes available while studying abroad, having an independent study would be the perfect opportunity. Luxembourg does not offer any classes for my other major Psychology and having an independent study for it would have been terrific. Unfortunately, you cannot receive a minor in Psychology, so it has made it difficult to achieve my double major and I have to take a few extra classes, rather than getting a lighter load for my senior year. I would encourage any student whose major isn’t represented in Luxembourg to look into doing an independent study. Especially with Psychology I thought I could have done a really cool independent study comparing the difference in cultures within Europe, then trying to tie it all back to the United States. You experience so many different things in Europe and could develop endless studies regardless of your major.

--Will Berg, MUDEC Spring '16