Miami student shooting video in Luxembourg for internship with US Embassy

MUDEC’s Summer Internship Program

The Summer Internship Program is a professional and academic extension of each spring semester taking place between mid-May and the end of July. Students apply to internships through MUDEC’s Community Partners during the previous fall and receive offers during the fall semester. Once the student accepts the offer, he/she is also free to discuss the possibility of starting the internship (part-time) through an Independent Study during the spring semester, potentially providing the student with over six continuous months of experience in a professional setting.


Students from all majors who will study at MUDEC during the spring semester are welcome and encouraged to apply to one or more internship through our Community Partners. Those selected will receive an offer.


Before the first day, students and community partners work together to complete a Summer Internship Work Plan outlining both the student and internship provider’s goals for the student’s development and the projects and tasks the students complete. Community Partners must provide measures of success and are encouraged to review the work plan on a weekly basis with the intern. During the last day of the program, all interns and Community Partners attend MUDEC’s Summer Internship Presentation & Luncheon Day. Each intern completes a final presentation detailing his/her achievement of goals, results on projects, and application to future academic and professional arenas. Feedback is provided by both MUDEC and the Community Partner to allow for growth and development


Legally, as interns are on a student residency permit (continuation from spring semester), they cannot receive compensation. However, the community partner may wish to provide the student with up to 1000€ per month in allowance allotted for food, housing, transportation, etc.

Community Partners and Positions

Maison Moderne Publishing and Media S.A.: Trainee-Delano Magazine (1 position)

kliber: Market Research & Business Development Intern (2)

U.S. Embassy Luxembourg: Public Affairs Section Public Affairs Intern (1)

MC Square S.A.: Finance & Business Development Intern (1)

LeneLife S.A.: Business Development & Marketing Intern (1)

Docler Holding Sarl: Finance Intern (1)

Wonderfilled Magazine: Editorial & Research Intern (3)

Kelsey Hopper Music & Yoga: Social Media Assistant (1)

Luxembourg American Cemetery: Luxembourg American Cemetery Intern (1)

Théâtre National du Luxembourg (National Theater of Luxembourg): All That Theatre Intern (1)

Weekend Student Adventures: Europe Social & Digital Media Specialist (2)

Graffiti Radio Asbl: Radio Active Intern (1)

If any of these options are of interest, please contact us to learn more about specific opportunities. Additionally, simply visiting our Community Partners' websites can provide valuable insight as to what their missions and business principles are, and may further guide your decision regarding which opportunities to pursue.

Internship Questions?

Contact Mr. Philippe Briot

Coordinates Internship Program (In Luxembourg)

Semester Program Questions?

Contact Mr. Jordan Land

Coordinator, Miami University Dolibois European Center Luxembourg (In Oxford, OH)

Student Experience

“My internship in Luxembourg taught me so much about myself both academically and professionally. I learned that my dream of working abroad is attainable. I worked at a start-up in the heart of Luxembourg. I was challenged everyday and was responsible for large projects within the company. My experience also taught me how to be adaptable and open-minded in a foreign environment. My favorite part of the summer was the National Day celebrations in Luxembourg city. I felt so connected to the city while listening to the national anthem and watching the fireworks. I also enjoyed seeing the country side of Luxembourg, especially the beautiful hiking spots.” — Kaitlyn Cooper

Estimated Costs in addition to fees paid for regular spring semester program


Room and Continental Breakfast with host family: $1,261

Public Transportation (already paid with Jumbo Pass): $0

Estimated Healthcare (paid through Miami University): $180

Civil Responsibility Insurance (covered by MUDEC): $0

Telecommunications package (prorated rate): $105

Workshop Administrative Fee: $175

TOTAL: $1,721


Miscellaneous living expenses (food, etc.): $1,200

Possible Flight Change: varies by airline

Projected Summer 2018 Internship Timeline

September 13: 2017 Career Fair, Applications Open

October 13, 2017: Deadline for submission of “application statement” and resume to both Carli Williams and Community Partner Contact

November 22, 2017: Placements are finalized

December 1, 2017: Student Participation forms due to Carli Williams, online summer workshop application due to Jordan Land

January 8, 2018: Student participants and interns are finalized, begin discussing possibility of part-time independent study during spring semester (if interested), required program fees due

late-January 2018: Students arrive to Luxembourg, possibility to begin independent study with Community Partner

Mid-May 2018: Summer Internship Program officially begins, Work Plans due

July 31, 2018: Summer Internship Presentations and Luncheons at MUDEC, program concludes