Financial Aid


Most Luxembourg scholarships, many Miami and national scholarships, and forms of financial aid require that Miami students apply for assistance annually by completing a federal aid form: the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).

  • The entire FAFSA process can be done online, or you can pick up a paper FAFSA at the One Stop.
  • You will receive confirmation of your application immediately if completed online or approximately 4-6 weeks after filing a paper FAFSA.
  • This form must be filled out every year. For example, if you are a junior and have not completed the form since freshman year, you should fill it out again.

Recommended Deadline: March 15. Please note that the Luxembourg Office nominates scholarship recipients starting in May, so file the FAFSA by this date to be considered for all aid.

Federal student loans, parent PLUS loans, and private loans can be applied to the costs of the Luxembourg program, but students are encouraged to meet with a staff member in the One Stop for Student Success Services (CAB building) to discuss financing options. 

Summer Study Abroad

Federal financial aid eligibility is based on the number of credit hours in which students have enrolled and the financial aid they already received for fall and spring semesters. The Office of Student Financial Assistance will automatically determine students' financial aid eligibility once they have registered for the summer program courses.

Disbursement of Funds

After all required documents are processed, funds are disbursed to students' Bursar accounts in accordance with Miami's disbursement schedule. Please note that Miami cannot release financial aid funds until 10 days before Miami's semester starts.

Note that this information is applicable to the Luxembourg Programs only. For financial aid information for other types of study abroad programs, please visit Financial Aid for Study Abroad on the One Stop website.