Course Registration

Processes for MUDEC Course Registration

Semester Programs

  • You will only be able to register for Luxembourg semester courses after you have committed to the program by indicating as much in the online application.
  • We will conduct a course registration and flight information group meeting about 1-2 weeks prior to registration.
  • Be sure to visit with an academic advisor prior to registration, and understand what courses are being offered by using the Course List function in MyMiami as well as the Semester Course Lists on this website.
  • You will have your home campus changed to Luxembourg before registration which will ONLY allow you to register for Luxembourg courses.
  • Registration time tickets should coincide with your regular Oxford/Regional time ticket (i.e. if your Oxford ticket should be 14 November, so will be your Luxembourg time ticket).
  • Course registration can continue even after the semester begins. While you must be in a minimum of 16 credit hours before the semester starts, you can switch courses and make other schedule adjustments for quite some time after initial registration.
    • If you are not able to initially register for courses that you wish to take, please email with your specific requests, and we will do our best to accommodate.
  • There are situations where regular course registration/requirement waiver processes are not possible, and registration/waiver can only be processed by petition:
    • Independent study course
    • One allowable online Oxford/Regional course (only if needed to remain on graduation track)
    • Waiver of the language requirement (only if a student has earned credit/tested out of two semesters of a European language at the college level).
      • Petition documentation can only be obtained by contacting It is each student's responsibility to obtain the proper documentation and approvals in order to be permitted one of the exceptions above.
  • Transient students from other institutions will follow the same processes but are given "freshman" registration time tickets because they are new students at Miami. There is no way around this, but we will do our best to ensure that your registration requests are considered if your desired courses are full at the time of registration.

Summer Program

  • Course selection is limited to the three courses offered each summer. Waivers and petitions for the summer program are not possible nor are they considered.
  • After students have committed to the summer program, they will be sent a Google form via email about 1 month before departure. When the form is completed, students will be enrolled automatically in the offered courses.
  • Summer internship students do not earn Miami credit, so the above items do not apply.