Host Families

three Miami students with their "host dad" standing outside of the house in Luxembourg for a family group photo

Experience the MUDEC trademark!

Host Family Basics

The MUDEC Luxembourg program utilizes host families to house students. This is a lasting tradition of the program and one that Miami is excited to maintain.

  • Host families are vetted by Miami and have usually hosted students many times in the past
  • Students live in households with 1-4 other MUDEC students
  • Breakfast is provided daily at the homestay and the cost is included in the regular tuition and fees
  • Some families may have small children so it is kindly required that students keep noise to a minimum after certain hours established by each family
  • Most homestays are located in between the Center in Differdange and Luxembourg City. Some students will be housed near Differdange, some will be housed in Luxembourg City, while most will be somewhere in between. Public transportation will be utilized daily to travel to and from MUDEC, unless the student lives within walking distance.
  • Even if a student is assigned to a solo homestay, they are almost always near other students staying in other homes in the neighborhood
  • Many housing preferences (such as roommates) can be noted in the online application housing form
  • Host families are not required to provide laundry facilities, internet, lunch, or dinner. Although not required, host families may provide access to laundry and will likely have internet access. Lunches are provided at the Center M-R while dinner is the student's responsibility. If host families do not provide access to laundry facilities, students may use local laundromats or the laundry facilities at the Center itself. The best internet in Europe (in our opinion) is located at the Center and is always available. Students spend most of each day at MUDEC anyway (0800-1800 is typical), making the possible lack of internet at the homestay less of a concern.
  • Bring a gift to give to the host family. Miami recommends something representative of where a student is from, or of a student personally.
  • Housing assignments are usually given to students about 1 month before departure. Do not worry if it is difficult to reach the host family; many are elderly or extremely busy and not necessarily immediately responsive


While homestays are an extremely rewarding and enriching experience, challenges will almost certainly arise. Remember, these are regular families. However, in nearly all situations, clear communication between the family and student can resolve problems. Language barrier is not usually a major issue on the MUDEC program, but technological aides such as Google Translate can help immensely if needed. If an issue simply cannot be resolved, please alert the Housing Coordinator at the Center and your concerns will be addressed.

Meeting roommates before departure

The Oxford Luxembourg Office coordinates two meetings the semester before students go to Luxembourg. Students will have the opportunity to meet each other during these meetings. Each Luxembourg cohort also sets up a Facebook group where they can communicate prior to departure, while they are there, and after they return. The Facebook group is where students find out who else is staying with their host family or in the same town.


Students should keep showers to about ten minutes and avoid taking showers after 2200 (get used to the 24 hr clock!). This general rule of thumb is largely due to noise concerns.