Accessing money while abroad

How to access funds while in Europe

It's a good idea to travel with a little bit of money (50 EUR or less), but it's not necessary. Under no circumstances should you bring USD with you to change at the airport. The commission fees that servicers charge for these activities are very high. Instead, if you feel the need, go to your local US bank and ask to "buy" about 50 EUR. They will order the EUR and you can return in a few days to pay and pick them up.

It is entirely OK to travel without cash on hand though because most purchases in Luxembourg can be made with credit card, some of which do not charge international transaction fees. If you find that it is necessary to have some cash on hand, simply going to the ATM on arrival at the airport and throughout the semester is the easiest and cheapest way to obtain cash in Europe.

Under no circumstances should you use debit cards to make purchases. This is highly insecure and can result in the theft of "hard assets" in your bank account. It is much safer to use credit cards for purchases since this is not a hard asset and security with credit cards is often top-notch.

Be sure to let your banks and credit card companies know of your international travel!

Spending money

The amount needed completely depends upon you, your budget, and how you like to spend money. All dinners are out-of-pocket, but students can save money by going to the grocery store, cooking in the kitchenette in the Château, or getting second helpings of lunch and saving them for dinner. We have a rough estimate of how much money students should expect to spend on the cost sheet.

Debit/Credit cards and "the chip"

Your credit and debit cards need to have chip and 4 digit pin. If they do not, call the bank to have a new versions issued with chip, or to change the length of your PIN.

European bank account

It is not possible to open a European bank account when only studying for a semester, and is not necessary in any case. 

ATMs in Luxembourg

There is not an ATM at the Château, but there is one right at the end of the block. ATMs are also ubiquitous throughout Luxembourg.


MUlaa is needed for laundry at the Château and we recommend to start with about $200 USD.