Student Engagement

MUDEC student faculty council group photo

Student Faculty Council (SFC)

One of the best ways to get involved within the MUDEC and Luxembourg Communities is to be a part of the Student Faculty Council (SFC). The SFC is an elected student-run group of engaging leaders who plan, execute, and communicate events and activities across the semester within MUDEC and our surrounding international community. The semester will begin with an offsite SFC leadership retreat held on the Sunday before the first full week of classes.

This group usually meets one hour per week during lunch to plan and before, during, and after MUDEC events as well. Each role is unique, but the entire team together collaboratively. Please see below to learn more about each role.

Elections will take place during the first few days here at MUDEC.

Roles of Student Faculty Council (SFC) chair members

Student Co-Chairperson: This position holds the primary leadership position in the SFC, with its other Co-Chairperson being the Faculty Co-Chairperson. As the main motivator of the SFC, this person will ensure that the council follows through with its ideas in a timely and constructive fashion and makes sure that events run smoothly. It is also the Co-Chairperson’s duty to create an agenda for each meeting. It is essentially the Co-Chairperson’s responsibility to oversee that tasks are being accomplished by the rest of the council. A high level of participation in activities and projects is also asked. At MUDEC events, the Co-Chairperson is often asked to represent the student body with a speech.

Secretary / Treasurer: This position entails being the chief administrator for the SFC. This person must take charge of ensuring that documents and all records are cared for. This position involves working closely with the Co-Chair to prepare topics for discussion before each meeting, as well as records and distributes meeting minutes. Regarding treasurer responsibilities, this person will be working closely with financial considerations and allocation of student body activity funds.

Service Chair: In response to increased student concerns about MUDEC’s contribution to the community, this position involves an individual who will facilitate the implementation and follow-up efforts of various service projects at the center and in the community. The Service Chair is responsible for arranging and promoting these programs for the whole of the MUDEC population. There is a great deal of room for creativity in this position.

Communications Chair: This student is responsible for informing students about the activities and promoting them by using multiple outlets of advertising, including but not limited to the SFC Wall in the cave, Facebook, spoken announcements during lunch, emails, and most importantly word of mouth. Successful events are thanks to successful planning and publicity, and the Communications Chair is in charge of the latter.

Project Coordinator: This position fields requests from the student body, as well as proposes original initiatives for activities and projects including, but not limited to, field trips, social events, holiday events, community projects, t-shirts, semester “yearbook,” etc. The coordinator will be responsible for the organization and management of these projects. These students will sit as the chairs of sub-committees for projects involving help from other students.

Environmental Chair: This position governs all activities and projects regarding MUDEC’s relationship with its surrounding environment, including, but not limited to, sustainability projects, hiking excursions, and student involvement with the Lasauvange Nature School. As this position is the newest position, there is a great deal of room for creativity.

Creativity/Innovation Chair: Last year, President Hodge named a university-wide “Year of Creativity and Innovation”. This new chair was created to envision new ways for MUDEC to bring this theme to light and inspire a more creative and innovative culture within our community here. This chair member will work closely with the Project Coordinator on the Semester "Yearbook" and preparations for the End of the Semester Banquet. This student should work to promote creative thought and sharing and a more creative environment here- it’s up to you as to how to do it!

Discovery Tours

Either fully or partially funded by MUDEC alumni (free to students and lunch provided), these tours take place (usually) on Fridays beginning in the morning and ending in the evening (although sometimes occurring on weekends). At the end of the tour, students will be dropped off at a nearby train station, allowing for easy travel for the rest of the weekend. (Of course, students are welcome to return to Luxembourg too!)

During these excursions, we explore nearby regions, usually within Luxembourg, France, Belgium, or Germany. This is a great opportunity to explore local gems and "off the beaten path" areas. Many times, we choose activities that may be difficult for students to visit with public transportation or arrange on their own.

Bonus: Each Discovery Tour counts for 5 points towards LUX 335!

Registration/Cancellation Policy

Registration for Discovery Tours is first come, first serve and will begin during the first week of classes (Date TBD).

  • Because spaces are usually limited and registration in advance is necessary for transportation and activities, you must register ahead of time by the date listed next to the Discovery Tour.
  • To allow each student an equal opportunity, you can only register for yourself.
  • If you drop out after you register, there will be a 10E fine, unless you find a substitute at least 24 hours in advance. Both you and the substitute sign the appropriate forms in Carli's office.
  • When the list is full, Carli will send an email with the list of students attending and the wait list. Students can continue to sign up for the wait list in case of cancellations.

Like all MUDEC events and tours, once you register, you are expected to come. Reservations will be made and tickets will be purchased in advance. So, please, before registering, carefully check your class schedule and travel schedule and email Carli with any questions.

For more information about the current semester’s tours and registration visit the Student Engagement site.

Sample Discovery Tours

Experience Luxembourg (Luxembourgish Lunch, Palace Tour, Underground Luxembourg)

Description: We will be discovering our new home through food, a royal palace visit, and climbing through the underground tunnels below the city! We will start at a nice restaurant having a fancy Luxembourgish lunch (choice of wine sausage with traditional mustard sauce or a vegetarian meal), then we will head over to the Grand Ducal Palais for a guided tour, and the day will end as we explore the casemates (underground tunnels) of Luxembourg city (a UNESCO World Heritage site). The tour will conclude by 6:30pm. Students can continue on their own travels from the Luxembourg Gare Centrale (train station).

Medieval City Tour and Chocolate and Sweets Fair in Metz, France

Destination: Metz, France
Description: Grab your sack lunch (provided) and jump on the bus to the beautiful city of Metz, France. First, we will take a guided tour of the Medieval city and, in the afternoon, you will receive a ticket to the Chocolate and Sweets Fair (the biggest in France). Taste delectable French treats and learn about French desserts! After, you will be free to stay in Metz, continue on your travels (Paris is only 2 hours), or return to Luxembourg.
Nearby cities (to continue travel): Paris (2 hours), Metz (0- it's a great city for the weekend), Strassbourg

Cruise the River in Maastrict, Holland

Destination: Maastrict, Holland
Description: Maastrict, a beautiful college town located on the serene river is the perfect place for a river cruise and great snacks. We will leave the chateau right after classes, around 10:45, enjoy a sack lunch on the bus, and take a nice river cruise in the afternoon. After, you will have some free time to explore this cute city, visit the outdoor market, or continue onto other destinations.
Nearby cities (to continue travel):Amsterdam, Liege, The Hague, Antwerp, Ghent