Welcome to Your New Home

scene in Differdange, signs that say Differdange hanging from street lights

Daily Life in the Differdange

Students will spend the majority of their weekdays at the Chateau as classes can run into the evening hours. Therefore, wherever your host home is located, you'll be spending a significant amount of time in the town of Differdange. The town has several affordable restaurants mostly of pan-European/French, Portuguese, Italian, Middle Eastern, and even Balkan cuisines. Below is a summary of some of the amenities in the local area in addition to restaurant options.

Helpful hint! Search Google to find places near a specific area. Enter MUDEC's or your host family's address and the term near, then type restaurant or gym, etc. 


Other shopping and entertainment near Differdange

A wide variety of activities can be found at the Belval-Universite stop on the train from Differdange to Luxembourg, only about 10 minutes away. The University of Luxembourg is located here along with a movie theater, some night life, great restaurants, hairdresser, clothes shopping, gym, and a shopping plaza. Highlights include:

  • Action: an amazing budget store with lots of great items Action on Google Maps
  • Saturn: a large electronics store with anything you can need (including hair appliances!) Saturn on Google Maps
  • Rockhal: hosts concerts and events
  • Delhaize: a large grocery store that even has an "American and Mexican" section
  • Coppers: great restaurant at Belval. MUDEC sometimes has events with Coppers. They have amazing burgers and Mexican food. They also have quite a few theme and discount nights.
  • Utopolis/Kinepolis: movie theatre

On the level above the train tracks, there is also a ticket window where you can buy train tickets. This is the closest location to MUDEC.



Pharmacies in Europe sell only medicine, unlike drug stores in the US, which are mostly convenience stores. If you feel unwell (but not unwell enough to visit a doctor–like a cold, etc.), you can visit a pharmacy and talk to the pharmacist about what you are experiencing. Usually they can recommend something helpful. There is one pharmacy very near to the Chateau.

In the event you do need a doctor, the Housing Coordinator or Student Engagement Coordinator can make an appointment for you. It's best to come to them in the morning. You will need your passport.



Fitness Options

Note: The Student Engagement Coordinator has a box of sports equipment in her office including basketballs, footballs, soccer balls, and more! All students can sign out sports equipment.

Helpful apps

Mobiliteit LU:This app is helpful for checking train/bus timetables throughout western Europe, and is the best app in this regard for Luxembourg specifically.

Metro navigation apps for large urban areas: When visiting large European cities, you can often find a free metro navigation app that will save you the trouble of getting lost on these extensive local transportation networks.

Google Trips: Downloadable, fully functioning and complete trip guides for popular European destinations

Venmo: It is uncommon in Europe to split checks and bills, so one person must often pay for others and then be paid back in turn. Venmo is the easiest way to send money for free if you find yourself owing someone!

Whatsapp or Viber: Two most popular apps for free WiFi based/data based phone communications. Great for international use to other parts of Europe or US.

Google Translate: Helpful translation app with fully downloadable language packs, useful for basic communications where you lack language skills and English is not an option. A lifesaver!

Airline apps: Most airlines have mobile apps for convenient check in, boarding pass, and flight tracking abilities.

Google Maps: Downloadable, fully functioning navigation software for nearly any location in Europe.