Student Study Abroad Ambassadors

Megan StahlsmithMegan Stahlsmith

Year: Senior 

Major: AYA Integrated Social Studies Education

Minors: History, Sociology

Hometown: Mayville, NY

In the spring of 2016 I studied abroad in Luxembourg. I was always attracted to the Luxembourg program even before I committed to Miami. I knew I wanted to go abroad for a whole semester and the Luxembourg program was perfect for that because all of my scholarships and credits would transfer, which was important for my tight class schedule. My study abroad experience was one of the highlights of my Miami career. Not only did I growth intellectually, but I became more confident in myself, met my best friends, and gained a greater appreciation of the world and different cultures. Studying abroad has only encouraged my to never stop traveling to discover and admire everything the world has to offer.

Alexa AskariAlexa Askari

Year: Senior 

Major: BA in Diplomacy & Global Politics, MA in Political Science

Minors: History, French, European Area Studies

Hometown: Cleveland, Ohio area

I studied in Luxembourg for the spring semester of 2016, and in Jamaica over winter term 2017. I chose to come to Miami for the Luxembourg program, as I study Europe heavily in class and thought it would be a seamless process and amazing opportunity. In Lux I served as Student Faculty Council President and visited 15 countries! My experience led me to return to Luxembourg in the summer of 2017, when I interned at the U.S. Embassy. In Jamaica, I was able to work on a variety of community service based projects, which is one of my greatest passions. I fell in love with the island and hope to return soon! The photo I have selected is atop the Untersbergbahn Mountain in Salzburg, Austria. We decided to take the journey up the mountain on a whim, and it was truly one of the highlights of my abroad experience!

Kylynne JohnsonKylynne Johnson

Year: Junior

Majors: Diplomacy & Global Politics, Spanish, Latin American Studies

Hometown: Columbus, Ohio

I studied abroad in Heredia, Costa Rica during my spring 2017 semester. Over the years I have developed a love for Latin American culture and the Spanish language, and also a dream to live and work in Central America someday. I decided to study abroad in Costa Rica to develop my Spanish language skills and completely immerse myself into the beautiful Latin American culture, providing me with experiences that will hopefully help me accomplish my goals and dreams in the near future! Studying abroad was one of, if not the most valuable experiences of my life. I finished my experience with a new understanding of culture and language and also having a new home, family, and best friends! This photo was taken on one of our many trips throughout the semester at La Paz Waterfall. Costa Rica has beautiful views everywhere you look!

Maeve CuttsMaeve Cutts

Year: Senior

Majors: Strategic Communications and Professional Writing

Hometown: Darien, Connecticut

I studied abroad in Florence, Italy, in the spring of 2017 with the Wells College program. I had taken two years of Italian language and knew that I needed to put those skills to good use. I chose the Wells program because it offered numerous communication classes so that I could stay on track with my major. Wells proved to be the best program for me because the flights were based out of New York, the apartments were some of the best in all of Florence and there were trips included with our program such as Venice and Pisa. When you go with Wells College you study at Lorenzo de Medici with students from several other abroad programs so you meet a lot of people from all over the country! I highly recommend taking the Travel Writing course offered by LDM because you can explore hidden parts of Florence and just sit and write about it. Although I traveled to 12 countries and 25 cities in four months, Florence will always be my favorite! Florence has so much art, history and culture packed into a walkable and safe city. Not to mention, the pizza, pasta, gelato and wine is the best in all of Italy. This photo was taken in Fira, Santorini, the picturesque, volcanic island in Greece during my 10 day island hopping spring break!

Jake JonesJake Jones

Year: Junior

Major: Finance

Minors: Spanish, International Business

Hometown: Schaumburg, Illinois

I studied abroad through the MUDEC program in Differdange, Luxembourg during the Spring semester of 2017, and the main reason I chose this program was uniquely personal – I am proud to say I am a dual citizen of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg so returning to the land my ancestors once called home was a no-brainer for me. Having my Luxembourg passport and being a EU citizen also allowed me to take advantage of a lot of cool benefits, which undoubtedly played a role in my decision as well! I think the greatest aspect I got out my experience was the many relationships I formed with so many people while I was in Luxembourg. On top of all of the amazing experiences that come with traveling the globe, I found that the people that I shared those experiences with made the journey and my personal study abroad experience that much more memorable.

Megan SchulteMegan Schulte

Year: Junior

Major: Marketing & Analytics

Hometown: Cleveland, Ohio

Ever since I began looking at colleges my junior year of high school, I knew that study abroad was a main priority for me. One of the most important factors of attending Miami for me was the opportunity to participate in the Luxembourg program. I spent my Spring 2017 semester attending the Miami Dolibois European Center in Luxembourg. I chose this program due to its rich history with Miami and because I had grown up hearing stories from my uncle who was an alumnus of the program. My study abroad experience allowed for a tremendous amount of personal growth and helped me discover my passion for global travel. The person that boarded that plane to Europe is very different from the one who came back; I am more confident and independent than I thought I ever would be. The opportunity to visit 15 countries in 16 weeks is a priceless experience that I would not trade for anything.

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