Members of Graduate Council

Members of Graduate Council 2017–18

Chair: James T. Oris, Dean of the Graduate School

Secretary: Lou Haines, Assistant to the Dean of the Graduate School

Ex Officio: Rose Marie Ward, Associate Dean of the Graduate School and Carol Jones, Office of the Registrar

College of Arts and Science

L. Jay Smart, Department of Psychology
Douglas Meikle, Department of Biology
Amanda Diekman, Department of Psychology
Yu-Fang Cho, Department of English
cris cheek, Department of English

College of Education, Health & Society

Valerie Ubbes, Department of Kinesiology & Health
Michele Dickey, Department of Educational Psychology

Farmer School of Business

Jing Li, Department of Economics
Dale Stoel, Department of Accountancy

College of Creative Arts

Brenda Mitchell, Department of Music

College of Engineering & Computing

Andrew Sommers, Department of Computer Science & Software Engineering

College of Professional Studies & Applied Science

Daniel Hall, Department of Justice & Community Studies

Graduate Student Members

Jeff Carr, Department of English
Kiaya White, Department of Educational Leadership

Graduate Council Sub-Committee

Petitions: TBD (Chair), Scott Brown (GTY), Michael Evans (EDT), Lei Kerr (CPB), Dale Stoel (ACC), and Daniel Prior (HST)

GSSA Committee: Rose Marie Ward (Chair), Jennifer Thach (ex officio), Roland Coloma (ETD), Diane Fellows (ARC), Ronald Bulanda (GTY), Theresa Conover (CJS), Carrie Tyler (GLG), and Amanda McVety (HST)

Graduate Achievement Fund: Rose Marie Ward (Chair), Bob Weinberg (KNH), Ivonne Ortiz (MTH), Claire McLeod (GLG), Doug Coffin (CPB), Rachel Morgan-Kiss (MBI), Gail Pohlhouse (PHL), Kimberly Hamlin (GIC), Jose Dominguez-Burdalo (SPN)

Financial Assistance: Rose Marie Ward (Chair), Darrel Davis (EDP), Elena Albarren (HST), Kelly Knollman-Porter (SPA), Lindsay Houlihan (FSW)