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Eos Earth and Space Science News highlights paper by Miami scientists
Lake Lacawac, left, and Lake Giles have developed warmer surface waters and cooler deep waters due to increased browning over the past three decades, despite stable air temperatures. Miami researchers found that decreased clarity is a result of increases in annual precipitation and rising lake pH. The lakes are part of the Lacawac Sanctuary and Field Station in Pennsylvania, one of Miami’s partners in the Center for Aquatic and Watershed Sciences.  A recent paper by Rachel Pilla, Miami University doctoral student in biology, is featured as a Research Spotlight on  Eos Earth and Space Science News.
Student-developed web app explores overdose deaths in Butler County
Data shows a sharp increase in the use of fentanyl.A new interactive web app promises to become an important component in battling the opioid crisis in Butler County by exploring the patterns of overdose deaths.
Undergraduates conduct research projects for better health choices
Isabel Held works on a multiple-year study on infant stress as an indicator for addiction.Lamuel Bean wants to improve the health of communities. Katherine Rodriguez is influenced by her career goal of becoming a neonatologist. And Isabel Held’s tragic loss of a friend motivated her to research the connection between neurology and behaviors.
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Miami University, University of Dayton streamline support for patent exploration services
To serve Southwest Ohio more efficiently, Miami University and the University of Dayton have entered into a shared services agreement for technology transfer activities.
Geologists explore relationship of fracking and earthquakes in Ohio
Miami University researchers have discovered the relationship between hydraulic fracturing and earthquakes is more complicated than previously believed.