2016 Individual Grant Winner

Stephanie Baer

Art Education

Engaging Professional Dispositions in Art Education Through Focused Writing and Presentation

Potential Impact: Need, Benefits for Students, Number of Students Benefited

With this project, I plan to work with students in my Art 493 course (Professional Dispositions in Art Education) in the development of their teaching identity. This course is offered in the spring semester each year. Last year, as part of the Howe Writing Center May Workshop, I created a course sequence that engaged students in a series of visual and written tasks that would lead up to them writing and presenting an ARTed Talk (inspired by TED.com). This process works to enable the development of confidence, increase advocacy, and give students a clear, eloquent voice to their passions within their chosen field. The process also shines a light on current discourse in the art education discipline, as well as education as a wider field and invites students to take part in that discourse.

The number of students that benefit include the 10-15 course participants as well as all art education students, who now come to expect this as part of their professional development and course program. The presentation of the ARTed Talks is open to the public. This process also has implications for a greater number of pre-service educators and teacher educators as the talks are published on the students’ professional websites and as it continues to be an area of research for me as their instructor.

Project Objectives

The key concepts for the talk, which is the culmination of the curriculum sequence mentioned above, are as follows:

  • Effective educators participate in the advocacy of their field with a clear and focused voice.
  • TED talks require multiple modes of thinking and practice.
  • Art Teachers matter and their experiences should be shared to further learning in the field.

More specifically, the learning outcomes include:

  • Identify, investigate, and advocate for a passion within the field of art education
  • Engage in meaningful revision practices with colleagues
  • Deliver a talk discussing an “idea worth spreading”, synthesizing current perspectives in art education

Project Plan: Include Plans for Working with the Howe Center’s Staff

Linked here is the sequence of activities leading up to the ARTed Talk. Including Howe Center’s staff is included in the development of student scripts and can be weaved throughout the revision process for the scripts as well. This would mainly include the “This is it” assignment pieces.

Assessment Strategy

Please see the link above for included rubrics. Further formative assessment is conducted throughout the process in the form of discussion, critiques, and mid-surveys.

Team Members

I am the only instructor for this course/process, but the students play a large role in being a cohesive creative/revision team during this process and the class as a whole!


While the sequence is included in the link above, an example of the schedule can be found here: Art 493 Spring 2016 schedule. The ARTed Talk process occurs throughout the course, but the majority occurs following spring break in the last half of the course.


The items listed below are for various assignments/tasks in the ARTed Talk process that invite students to consider their professional presence and identity and work to develop their confidence and teaching capabilities through visual methods and practices.

(originally in table form; reformatted for the web)

  • iPad desk stands
    • Item cost: $14.99
    • Number: 6
    • Total cost (pre-tax): $89.94
  • iPad rolling floor stands
    • Item cost: $47.69
    • Number: 2
    • Total cost (pre-tax): $95.38
  • Green Screen Kit
    • Item cost: $114.99
    • Number: 1
    • Total cost (pre-tax): $114.99
  • Wireless color printer
    • Item cost: $299.00
    • Number: 1
    • Total cost (pre-tax): $299.00
  • TED Talks: The Official TED Guide to Public Speaking by Chris Anderson (hardcover book): ISBN-13: 978-0544634497
    • Item cost: 18.98
    • Number: 15 (class set)
    • Total cost (pre-tax): 284.70
  • Grit: The Power of Passion and Perseverance by Angela Duckworth (hardcover book): ISBN-13: 978-1501111105
    • Item cost: $17.39
    • Number: 15 (class set)
    • Total cost (pre-tax): $260.85
  • Honorarium for guest speakers (public speaking, conference presentation process, professional issues)
    • Item cost: $250
    • Number: 3
    • Total cost (pre-tax): $450
  • Online conference registration for theartofed.com (professional development site for art educators; broadcasted to class)
    • Item cost: $90
    • Number: 1
    • Total cost (pre-tax): $90
  • Total estimated cost: $1984.86