University and Personal Travel

University Sponsored or Supported Travel

All domestic and international University sponsored or supported travel for faculty, staff and students has been canceled until May. 16, 2021. Exceptions must be approved by the appropriate divisional vice president.

University sponsored or supported domestic travel for faculty is limited to essential travel and must be approved by the chair, dean, and Provost and is limited to essential research activities. Faculty may use their professional development or grant/sponsored program funds for necessary travel to support research/scholarship or other strategic priorities as approved by the Provost.

Personal Travel

All Miami faculty, staff, and students are urged to closely evaluate the risks of all personal travel (domestic or international) and to limit personal travel plans to essential travel.

Those employees and students who do decide to travel internationally are required to report their travel to the University, before departure, at the following email address  When reporting your personal travel please provide the following information:

  • Name
  • Travel Dates
  • Countries and Cities
  • Cities of U.S. departure and entry

For either personal travel or business essential travel approved in advance by the University, travelers should also: