Employee Resources

Below are resources and FAQs that may assist during this unprecedented time.

Remote Work Expectations

Your supervisor will assign work tasks and responsibilities, and provide appropriate University equipment (laptop, tablets, etc) to complete remote work.

  • Classified Staff should observe their standard work hours, but from a remote environment
  • Unclassified Staff are expected to be available for emails, phone calls, remote meetings or other job responsibilities
  • Remote employees are expected to be available and accessible to their supervisors during their normal work hours for communications or possible call-in
    • Employees should report any variation to their normal hours (vacation, sick, etc) to their supervisor on a weekly basis.  Unclassified employees will report leave through Banner Web.
  • Employees working remotely must communicate with their supervisors and coworkers through the communication channels established by their supervisor which may include cell phone, email, Google Hangouts, Webex, etc
    • Miami may provide a mobile voice stipend to employees assigned the primary responsibility for answering office, department and division phones. Supervisors will request this stipend through Human Resources.
  • Supervisors are expected to continue to hold departmental and other standing meetings for staff utilizing the available remote technology
  • Work items and tasks that can be continued remotely:
    • Chrome River, Banner Web, Buyway
    • Planning for future events and communication through email
    • Updating or creation of desk manuals
  • Supervisors may assign professional development or other trainings during this time.
    • OEEO Training - supervisor may email OEEO@MiamiOH.edu to request training
    • Learning Opportunity Resources - Skillport, Universal Class and other online learning

Remote Resources

One of the best places to find technology information for Miami University is the Knowledge Base.  IT Services has created a Remote Tech Toolkit to support remote work.

Additional information:

  • IT Services - IT Help available via phone at 513-529-7900 or chat
  • Receive voicemail messages through email
  • Check voicemail from off campus phone
  • Update your voicemail message with the following script:
    • Thank you for calling (placeholder for Department Name) at Miami University.  Due to the current public health emergency, most University employees will be working from home. Please leave your name, phone number and a brief message; we will return your call as soon as possible.  Alternatively, please send an email to (placeholder for entity email or your email) as Miami staff are regularly responding to email. Thank you for calling the Department Name. If this is an emergency, please call 911 or call the Miami University Police directly at 513-529-2222.
  • Forward campus or office phone to off campus phone
  • Google Hangouts and Hangouts Meet

Internet Service Providers:

Community Resources

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Miami campuses closed?

No. Essential functions continue on all of Miami’s campuses. Classes and other academic activities continue online. Building access will be moved to Holiday or Weekend status. Be sure to monitor communications.

Where can I call or email to have questions answered?

Please visit www.MiamiOH.edu/coronavirus for information about university policies and procedures. For questions specific to your division or department, please contact your supervisor.

Can I still attend professional conferences already approved if they are not cancelled?

No. All University sponsored or supported domestic travel has been cancelled.

What should I do if I need to deliver or receive hard copy work materials from a colleague on campus?

Employees assigned to work remotely should not report to campus.  Contact your supervisor for exceptions.

If I am designated as essential staff, will I receive premium pay?

Only Classified Staff designated as essential staff by their supervisors will receive premium pay for all hours worked on campus.

If I am unavailable to complete remote work assignments, how do I report?

If you are unable to complete remote work assignments, follow the normal call in procedures. You are required to take sick, vacation, comp or personal time during that period.