Team Building with Bill Sparks

Bill SparksResearch shows that team building is one of the most successful ways to build camaraderie, increase productivity, and boost morale in the workplace. Did you know that we have in-house programs dedicated to do just that? The Outdoor Pursuit Center runs a Team Building Program housed at the Recreation Center that is led by Bill Sparks, the Associate Director of the OPC. Bill has over 20 years of experience and over 5,000 facilitation hours. What started out as a low-challenge course in 2001, has expanded to include Outdoor Leadership classes and a Certification Program.  
This team building experience is so much more than just low ropes and high ropes courses, and Bill is passionate about what he does there. There is a direct link to having shared experiences with a team, and how it impacts workplace collaboration. He shares that, “If a team has a task and needs help, these shared experiences make it more likely that team members will offer help. Even if your job isn’t amazing, if you enjoy the people, it could be. The hard part is knowing what experience to make for the team.” Bill can customize for teams based on what they need.

Some departments have already taken advantage of these services: Admissions, Student Life, Human Resources, Dining Services, Resident Life, Global Initiatives, and Conference Services have all had their own experiences at the OPC. If you would like Bill Sparks to help you create a team building activity for you, simply complete a Formstack to start the conversation of what your team needs. As Spark points out, “Don’t rely on water cooler conversations to carry the culture.”