Graduate Assistant Process in PageUp

Login and Navigation

Logging into PageUp
  1. Go to: and you will be directed to the MUnet Login screen. PageUp is part of Miami's single sign-on service, so you will log in with your Miami UniqueID and MUnet password. You may be prompted with a DUO request.
    a. If you are unable to login, please contact Human Resources or Academic Personnel.

Note: For best results, do not use the back arrow when navigating in PageUp. Instead, select the PageUp logo (located in upper left-hand corner) to return to Dashboard.

  1. My Dashboard will display with navigational tiles/boxes.
  2. Click on the hamburger menu in the upper left-hand corner of the page to request new postings (new job), access open postings, and review applicants. You can also access jobs, postings and applicants from tiles on your dashboard or the blue banner across the top of the page.

Glossary of Terms and Helpful Hints

Glossary of Terms and Helpful Hints for PageUp Applicant Tracking System (Only applies to administrative website)

My Dashboard: Where you land after logging into PageUp.

Hamburger Menu: Upper-left-hand side. Navigation tool to select functions to perform.

Permission: Indicates what one can do (assigned by HR/Academic Personnel) based on that person's level of responsibility.

Team: Team indicates what one can see. Primary Team equals primary department. Specific users will be on multiple teams as needed i.e. VP will have all departments or units in their Division; Dean will have all departments or units in the division.

Job: Postings that have been initiated and are viewable to your team.

New Job (Posting a Job): Starting a job in PageUp to request approval for a search; after all approvals, this will trigger the opening, posting and advertising of the position. (This is a fill vacant only.)

Job Card: Collects all information to post a job.

Blue Box: Contains specific position information from Banner.

Posting: Job that is approved and advertised.

Offer Card: Employment Recommendation.

Starting a Job from a Job Template

Purpose and Scope

This guide demonstrates the process of requesting to fill all Graduate Assistant positions. It will cover the start of the process from selecting the position and template up to launching the Job Card approval queue. This process will not create a new budget position number. Your department should have a maximum of two job cards posted. One job posting should be for Graduate Assistants that receive a stipend and tuition fee waiver (in any variety of amounts). If your department hires Graduate Assistants that do not receive a stipend, but receive tuition fee waiver benefits, those types of hires would be in a different job card (see instructions for tuition waiver only).

New Job

  1. To begin the process, log in to PageUp and you will be directed to the MUnet Login screen.
  2. From the New Job tile of your dashboard, select New Unclassified or Student Job.
  3. Once on the Job Template screen, position numbers can be typed directly into the box or search for the appropriate position number by selecting the binoculars next to the box labeled 1. Position. Search for the position by title or number and choose Select to the right of the number. You can select any listing, as long as the first 6 digits begin with your departments GA budget position number. After the position number is populated, the position title will automatically replace the number. Position information will be available by clicking the downward facing arrow in the blue box. You can remove the position by selecting the eraser symbol to the right of the box.
  4. Next, select the Job Card in the box labeled 2. Select New Student Job.
  5. In the 3. Template section, select the AA-Graduate Assistant template or if tuition waiver only, select AA-Graduate Assistant (Tuition Waiver Only).
    1. The preview shows information in the template.
  6. After the position and template are selected, click Next.

The Job Card

  1. After clicking Next, you will be taken to the Job Card.
    1. Much of the information will automatically fill in from the template and the budget position number; however, there will be blanks that need to be filled. Any selection marked with as asterisk is required and must be completed.
    2. In the title field, proceeding the Graduate Assistant title, please list - department. Example, Graduate Assistant-Biology.
      1. If you’re posting a tuition waiver only position, list as Graduate Assistant – Department (Tuition Waiver Only).
      2. Tuition Waiver Only postings must be separate. Graduate Assistant’s that will receive a monthly stipend cannot be hired on this type of posting.
    3. Please leave the job number field blank, the system will automatically create this number further along in the process.
    4. From the Budget Position number field, through the rest of the Student Job Card section, the information will pre-fill. You do not need to change any of this information.
  2. Position management is where you indicate the number of vacancies you want to fill. If recruiting for multiple positions from the same posting, enter the number of positions in the replacement box and select add more. This will add more positions to recruit to within PageUp.
    1. Add the same budget position number to the blank fields as Graduate Assistants are pooled positions. Tuition waiver only positions use the same budget position number as the paid graduate assistant positions.
    2. There is a maximum number of 20 additional position lines at a time. If you need to add more than 20 additional position, you will need to add them no more than 20 at a time. For example, you have 35 positions, 1 position is already requested based on the launching of the job card, 20 additional replacement positions are added in the replacement column. After you have added 20 lines, you will return to the position management section and list 14 in replacement then select add more.
  3. The Job Details section contains information about the position. Information that is already filled comes from the Job Template.
    1. Verify that the position type is listed as Student.
    2. The date opened field should be left as the default.
    3. The date closed field and duration of appointment fields should be left blank.
    4. Hours per week can be listed as 20, however, the firm details for this will be determined on the offer card as they are variable per individual hire.
    5. The remaining sections are the job description fields. The standard template that defaults should be used. Any edits you make to this information are subject to final approval by HR/Academic Personnel.
  4. The Budget Details section typically contains information about the position’s budget. This section can be skipped. Stipend and budget index information will be captured later on during the offer card process.
  5. The Search Committee section typically contains who will be assisting in selecting Graduate Assistants that have applied to the position. Since these individuals have already been determined, this section can be skipped.
  6. The Posting Details section contains the details that will be posted on the Job site.
    1. The recruitment process should match the position type, Graduate Assistant.
    2. In general, the special instructions section should be left blank. Certain positions that would require a writing sample with an application should list that requirement in the field. Generally, there should be no special instructions or requests for additional information.
    3. All positions will be posted blindly, where your department representative can access the job number to provide to the applicant. If your position needs posted publicly, please indicate this in the special instructions section.
    4. A job location must be selected. Please select Oxford, OH.
    5. The advertising summary and advertisement text fields should not be modified.
  7. The final section of the Job Card is Users and Approvals.
    1. Department Representative (back-up) should be filled with the name of the individual responsible for assisting when the Department Representative (primary) is out of the office. Department Representative (primary) will always default to the user who starts the Job Card. This name can be changed if an alternative user is starting the process for the job owner.
    2. For Graduate Assistant positions, the Approval process should always be GA Approval.
    3. Add user names to the approval queue as appropriate.
      1. Level 1 is the department representative and should match the department representative.
      2. Level 2 is the divisional representative.
        • Jennifer Cradduck: College of Arts and Science
        • Carolyn Dewitt: College of Creative Arts
        • Elise Radina: College of Education, Health and Society
        • Micki White: College of Engineering and Computing
        • Tim Greenlee: Farmer School of Business
      3. Level 3 will default to the correct approver.
    4. The HR/Academic Personnel Representative will be the area responsible for this position. The appropriate representative will also default into this field.
  8. If prompted, the Job Status should always be filled as “Pending Approval”.
  9. Once all information is complete, select Save & Exit. If the department representative is the individual saving the form, no additional approval is required at that level.

The Job Card is now being sent through the approval process.  Once fully approved, the department representative will receive an email confirmation.

Launch an Offer Card (Employment Recommendation)

Purpose and Scope

This guide is intended to demonstrate the process of recommending a candidate for hire in the PageUp System. It will cover the start of the process: selecting the candidate, launching the offer card, and routing the offer card for approval. The department representative is the only individual that can launch an offer card. This person was designated when the position was originally posted.

Launch Offer Card

  1. To begin the process, log in to PageUp and you will be directed to the MUnet Login screen.
  2. From your hamburger menu, click on Manage Jobs.
  3. Find the posting from the list. Then select the number in the #Apps column to navigate to a list view of applicant.
  4. Find the name of the person you are seeking to hire. Then select the status next to their name.
  5. After selecting the status, a pop-up window will display with list of statuses. Change status to Employment Recommendation (Launch Offer Card) and click Next.
  6. A confirmation window will appear. Leave all fields/buttons at default. Please remember this is the employment recommendation only. The hiring department does not have appointing authority and may not make any offers of employment. The applicant must be moved to this status to begin the process to have an offer created and approved. Choose Move Now to open Offer Card.

Complete Offer Card

  1. The first 3 sections include personal details, job details, position type. These fields are hard coded and should not be modified.
  2. You will begin to enter data beginning in the offer details section. Some fields pre-populate from the posting. Fields marked with * are required.
    1. In position details, leave the position title as the default.
    2. Enter the start and end dates for the position
      1.  Full Academic Year: August 16, 2021-May 14, 2022
      2.  Fall Only: August 16, 2021 - December 10, 2021
      3.  Spring (Instructional) Only: January 24, 2022 - May 14, 2022
      4. Spring (Administrative/Research) Only: January 2, 2022-May 14, 2022
    3. Enter the number of hours per week (20 hours for a full-time Teaching GA,18 for full-time Administrative or Research GA, 10 hours for a half-time Teaching GA, or 9 hours for a half-time Administrative or Research GA)
    4. Leave the background index code field blank or list N/A.
  3. In the pay section within position details, enter the stipend amount to be paid over their full duration of employment in the rate of pay section. If offering a position for a Tuition Waiver only posting, list 0.
    1. Do not enter a $ symbol, as this character will not be recognized when the action is submitted.
    2. Please note pay is set annually by the board of trustees and is not negotiable. If a rate higher than the approved rate of pay is listed, the action will be denied and need to be resubmitted with the correct stipend information. If the rate is listed at a lower rate or the previous year stipend amount, Academic Personnel will make the necessary adjustment.
    3. In pay type, select for duration of employment.
    4. In ORG code, select your departments organization code.
    5. In the Department Comments to HR/AP, leave this blank unless you have specific details that should be captured. For example, if the grant requires a higher stipend (such as an NSF grant), please list that out in this field.
  4. In the Graduate Information section, it is crucial that all of the information is entered as instructed below. This information will be uploaded into our systems. Please make sure all of the information is accurate.
    1. For Graduate Assistant type, enter if the GA will be a New, Returning, or Dissertation Scholar. This field should never be left blank.
      1. If Tuition Waiver Only hire, list Tuition Waiver Only.
    2. In the Graduate Assistant Duties enter if the GA will be administrative, instructional or research. Only one selection should be made. This field should never be left blank.
    3. Enter the tuition waiver percentage as follows:
      1. 100%
      2. 75%
      3. 50% (100% out of state)
      4. 50% (50% out of state)
      5. or 25%
        • NOTE: A percentage of a tuition waiver cannot be offered that is less than the of the stipend amount. The percentage of the tuition waiver must be greater to or equal to the stipend amount. This field should never be left blank.
    4. Enter the first tuition waiver indexes to be charged in Tuition Waiver Index Code 1/ Percentage to be charged. This field should never be left blank.
    5. If the tuition waiver will be split, list the index in Tuition Waiver Index Code 2. Enter the Tuition Waiver Index Code 2/ Percentage to be charged.
    6. In the Stipend Index Code 1 field, list the index that will be charged for the stipend/ Dollar amount to be charged. This field should never be left blank (unless hiring a Tuition Waiver Only position).
    7. If a secondary index will be charged for the stipend, list the index code in Stipend Index Code 2/ Dollar amount to be charged.
  5. Onboarding
    1. In the supervisor field, enter your name.
    2. In the Onboarding delegate field, list Elizabeth Dietrich.
  6. Offer Progress
    1. This section will be automatically updated by the system. You can see if the applicant accepted or declined offer.
    1. The Department representative name will prefill
    2. For approval process, select the GA Approval, GA with Grant Funding (if the position is grant funded), GA with Grad School (if the grad school will be funding any portion of the stipend or tuition waiver, or GA with Grant Funding and Grad School (if the grad school and a grant will be funding any portion of the stipend or tuition waiver).
      1. Grant Accountants:
        • Cynthia Green: College of Arts and Science (except as noted below)
        • Kathleen Kihm: Regionals, Scripps, Engineering, English, Myaamia Center, Institute for Environment and Sustainability, Research Computing Support, Graduate School and Research Office
        • Paula Murray: All remaining areas
    3. You may need to select appropriate users based on approval level.
      1. Some approval queues have hard coded levels
  8. At bottom of page, select Save and Close
  9. You will be notified when the offer has been full approved and goes out to the applicant. You will also receive notification when the Graduate Assistant has accepted the position and has been marked as hired. Please remember, they should not be working until they have received communication from Academic Personnel that they have been hired.


For Graduate School Scholar Assistantships (GSSA), Diversity Enhancement Pathway (DEP), Ronald E. McNair Scholars or University Senate Committee on Faculty Research (CFR) awards only input the nomination for your department. In Position Details, in the Department Comments to HR/AP section, please make sure to list if your department is submitting this nomination for 1st or 2nd semester or if the Grad School is supporting the entire appointment as illustrated below.

Position Details:

In the Graduate Assistant information section, for the portion that will be covered by the graduate school, list the type of award in the index boxes (stipend and/or waiver). The Graduate School will change to the appropriate index when they receive this action for approvals.

Graduate Assistant Information:

Select either the GA with Grad School or the GA with Grant Funding and Grad School so it goes to the Graduate School for approval. In the Graduate School approval box, please select the appropriate approver based on the matrix below:

  • GSSA: Mary Keller
  • CFR: Vanessa Gordon
  • DEP: Rose Marie Ward
  • Dissertation Scholar: Shannon Speed
  • Anything else: Rose Marie