VSP KidsCare Summary

VSP's KidsCare Plan is designed to meet the eyecare and eyewear needs of active and growing children by providing two WellVision Exams® and one pair of glasses every year.

Twenty-five percent of school-aged children may have a vision problem that can affect learning.

A plan perfect for the developing eyes of kids.

  • Vision problems left untreated can seriously impact learning, behavior, and overall development.
  • Vision can change significantly during rapid physical development—even in as short a period as one year.
  • Kids are prone to losing, damaging, and breaking their glasses, making additional pairs sometimes necessary. With VSP's KidsCare Plan, kids are eligible for new glasses every year.

Your Child's Coverage With a VSP Doctor

Eyecare Exam

Two, covered-in-full (less any applicable copay) WellVision exams that test for eye health and vision problems that can begin during childhood, like nearsightedness, amblyopia (lazy eye), and strabismus (cross-eye).


  • Frames and lenses covered-in-full (minimum of prescription change required) up to your current retail allowance, including child-friendly, impact resistant polycarbonate lenses.
  • Additional lenses covered-in-full when needed (minimum of prescription change required).
  • Up to 20% off any amount above the retail allowance. Refer to vsp.com for specific plan discount information.
  • Discounts on additional pairs of prescription glasses. Refer to vsp.com for specific plan discount information.

Log on to your account at vsp.com to review your specific benefit coverage and eligibility or to find a provider who specializes in kids’ eyecare and eyewear.