Supplemental Retirement Plans

As a Miami employee, you are eligible to participate in the University's Supplemental Retirement Benefit Program, which includes three plans available to employees of public educational institutions: 403(b), 457, and Roth 403(b).

We have approved the following vendors to offer Supplemental Retirement Plans. Select the company name for contact information.


Glynnis Reinhart, 513-762-7734,

Carol Rodgers-Rivir, 859-630-2226,

Marc Wagner, 513-762-7725,


Laura Maxwell, 513-263-2825,

AIG Retirement Services

Dean Koller, 614-980-9271 (cell)

William Whiteley, IV, 513-404-9212 (cell)

Voya Financial Advisors

Matt Carter, 937-353-5480, 800-451-4702 x4025480,

Derek Stiles, 937-353-5472, 800-451-4702 x4025472,

Jeff Rankin, CFS, 937-353-5492, 800-451-4702 x4025492,

Ohio Deferred Compensation (457 Plan)

Tom Bugher, CRC, ChFC, 513-829-6499, main office: 877-644-6457

Pre-tax Plans

The 403(b) plan is a salary reduction plan for which contributions and investment earnings grow tax-deferred until you withdraw funds (at which time they are taxed as ordinary income). Because your contributions to these plans are withdrawn pre-tax, contributions lower your taxable income and increase your retirement savings while you are working. Your pre-tax contributions are completed via payroll deduction. You can manage your account via the Retirement@Work online portal.

The Ohio Deferred Compensation (ODC) 457 retirement plan is available for all Ohio public employees and is one of the largest 457(b) plans in the country.

The Program is unique that it is a public, non-profit organization created by Ohio legislation. Investment options are selected and monitored by a 13-member Board, made up of public employees, retirees, and appointed investment experts, and its independent investment consultant.

Contact Tom Bugher at 513-829-6499 or the main ODC office at 877-644-6457 for plan enrollment and changes.

Post-tax Plan

The Roth 403(b) is a salary reduction plan for which contributions are made post-tax. Although these accounts do not affect your taxable income while you are working, the earnings you withdraw at retirement are tax-free.


Annual Limits

  • Regular Deferral Limit: $19,000
  • Age 50-Plus Deferral Limit: $25,000