Lean Fundamentals Workshops

We offer you the fundamental courses required for understanding Lean processes at Miami University. These courses are intended for individuals who:

  • Are on a Process Improvement Team
  • Are currently enrolled in the Lean Certification Program
  • Want to become a cultural change agent to promote Lean to others in our community

Registration through TRAIN is required for participation; you can register in the links under each course listings below. We encourage you to check back often, as sessions are added frequently.

Please note: In order to receive credit for these workshops, participants are expected to be present for the entire duration. These courses are not eligible for Job Enrichment credit.

Lean Two-Day Training

Participants will receive a broad overview of Lean and explore how this initiative relates to the continuous improvement and strategic vision of Miami University in the Lean Two-Day Training. In addition, participants will understand how projects are chosen, how to successfully start and close out a project, and the tools involved throughout the process.

This workshop is highly activity-based allowing participants to practice all of the Lean tools. In addition, participants will have hands-on experience with a case scenario that is utilized in all four Lean Fundamentals courses.

Lean Metrics

In Lean Metrics, workshop participants gain an overview of Lean Metrics measurements needed to monitor the goals of Lean processes. It is designed for individuals who are participating in or leading Lean projects.

Participants will learn how to identify the appropriate metrics to measure within a project and the importance of establishing a baseline for the metrics at the very beginning of a project. They will also gain tools and methods for collecting data, calculating results, and reporting metrics through dashboards or scorecards.

Prerequisite: Lean Two-Day Training

Lean Standard Work

The Lean Standard Work workshop is designed to outline the benefits and importance of standard work related to lean and process improvement. Participants will learn how to:

  • Create standard work with a 5-step process
  • Implement standard work including communication and training
  • Evaluate standard work including audits and feedback
  • Sustain standard work for continued success

Prerequisite: Lean Two-Day Training

Lean Excel Template Conversion to Visio

Lean Excel Template Conversion to Visio, a computer-based workshop, is designed to teach individuals how to use the Miami Lean Excel Template and convert the information into Microsoft Visio to create current state and future state flow charts. This hands-on workshop allows participants to practice entering process steps in Excel and convert the information into Visio to create a flowchart.

Prerequisite: Lean Two-Day Training

Advanced Lean Training

The Lean Certification Program is available to all Miami staff across campus (faculty, unclassified staff, and classified staff). This program is designed to develop leaders who can sustain a Lean continuous improvement culture at Miami. These Lean leaders will become the key cultural change agents for Miami and represent the University's potential future leaders.

As of fall 2016, this program is comprised of 3 levels: Lean Partner, Lean Leader, and Senior Lean Leader. Each level builds on the previous level and has both educational and project requirements. Advanced Lean Training courses are required to complete these levels.