HR-Functional Job Titles

Maintenance/Repair Specialist
Maintenance/Repair Technician
Senior Maintenance/Repair Specialist
Senior Maintenance/Repair Technician
Maintenance Planning Specialist


Performance Evaluation: Current, satisfactory (annually)

Approved Learning Opportunities

Academic Courses

Our list of academic courses is approved for all job enrichment participants in any curriculum. If you complete similar courses, of similar title, at other institutions, we can review them for possible approval.

American Management Association Self-Study Courses

Our list of American Management Association Courses is approved for job enrichment participants in this curriculum.

Individual Development Workshops

Individual Development Workshops are designed to all faculty and staff at all levels within the University who are interested in developing skills for professional growth. Registration is required for participation.

Please check our calendar often, as sessions are added frequently. Please note in order to receive credit for these workshops, participants are expected to be present for the entire duration.

Non-Academic, University-Sponsored Learning Opportunities

The non-academic, university-sponsored learning opportunities can change from year to year. As a result, the points you can earn from completing them varies. Please contact your Job Enrichment Administrator for the points awarded for each of the following.

Confucius Institute Training: Conversational Chinese Class I
Confucius Institute Training: Conversational Chinese Class II
Confucius Institute Training: Basic Chinese Culture
Confucius Institute Training: Understanding MU Chinese Students
Disability Awareness Training
Green Zone Training
Mental Health First Aid
M.I.A.M.I. Women in Leadership Symposium
Safe Zone Training
SATSS Annual Conference


Skillport offers extensive online learning opportunities, sponsored by Human Resources Staff Development.

TPC Courses

107 Hand Tools: 15 points
108 Portable Power Tools: 15 points
201 Basic Electricity and Electronics: 15 points
301 Basic Mechanics: 15 points
367 Plumbing Systems Maintenance: 15 points
376 Energy Conservation Basics: 8 points
377 Energy Losses in Buildings: 8 points
378 Heating/Cooling System Efficiency: 8 points
380 Electrical Energy Conservation: 8 points
431 The Refrigeration Cycle: 8 points
433 Compressors: 11 points
439 System Troubleshooting: 8 points
901 Maintenance Organization: 11 points
903 Implementing Preventative Maintenance: 8 points
905 Effective Communication for Supervisors: 11 points

Job Enrichment Award Chart

Bonus 1: 50 points, $550
Bonus 2: 50 points, $550
Bonus 3: 50 points, $550
Premium Pay Increase: $.55 per hour 

Bonus 4: 50 points, $550
Bonus 5: 50 points, $550
Bonus 6: 50 points, $550
Premium Pay Increase: $.65 per hour
($1.20 per hour total premium pay)

Bonus 7: 50 points, $550
Bonus 8: 50 points, $550
Bonus 9: 50 points, $550
Premium Pay Increase: $.80 per hour
($2.00 per hour total premium pay)

Advanced Component Bonus 1, 2, etc.: 50 points, $550

Job Enrichment Course Approval Point Request Form (PDF 264KB)