Sales Clerk

HR-Functional Job Titles

Sales Clerk


Performance Evaluation: Current, satisfactory (annually)

Approved Learning Opportunities

Academic Courses

Our list of academic courses is approved for all job enrichment participants in any curriculum. If you complete similar courses, of similar title, at other institutions, we can review them for possible approval.

American Management Association Self-Study Courses

A Manager's Guide to Human Behavior: 20 points
Asserting Yourself at Work: 10 points
Becoming a Manager: 10 points
Coaching for High Performance: 10 points
Communication Skills for Managers: 20 points
Delivering Knock Your Socks Off Service: 20 points
First Line Supervision: 20 points
Fundamentals of Inventory Management and Control: 20 points
How to Be an Effective Facilitator: 10 points
How to Manage Conflict in the Organization: 20 points
How to Manage Training: 20 points
How to Manage Your Priorities: 10 points
How to Sharpen Your Business Writing Skills: 20 points
How to Write a Business Plan: 20 points
How to Write a Marketing Plan: 20 points
Interpersonal Communication Skills in the Workplace: 10 points
Interpersonal Negotiations: 20 points
Leadership Skills for Managers: 20 points
Listen and Be Listened To: 10 points
Managing and Achieving Organizational Goals: 10 points
Managing Multiple Projects: 10 points
Planning and Leading Productive Meetings: 20 points
Planning and Managing Change: 20 points
Practical Problem-Solving Skills in the Workplace: 10 points
Presentation Success: 10 points
Strategic Supply Management: 20 points
Successful Project Management: 20 points
Taking Control with Time Management: 10 points

Individual Development Workshops

Classified staff may complete any of the following workshops for job enrichment points:

Presentation Skills: 7 points
Microsoft Excel 2013 Basic: 6 points
Microsoft Excel 2013 Intermediate: 6 points
Microsoft Excel 2013 Advanced: 6 points
Microsoft Access 2013: 6 points

Non-Academic, University-Sponsored Learning Opportunities

The non-academic, university-sponsored learning opportunities can change from year to year. As a result, the points you can earn from completing them varies. Please contact your Job Enrichment Administrator for the points awarded for each of the following.

Confucius Institute Training: Conversational Chinese Class I
Confucius Institute Training: Conversational Chinese Class II
Confucius Institute Training: Basic Chinese Culture
Confucius Institute Training: Understanding MU Chinese Students
Disability Awareness Training
Green Zone Training
Mental Health First Aid
M.I.A.M.I. Women in Leadership Symposium
Safe Zone Training
SATSS Annual Conference

NRF (HDRBS only)

Build a Continuous Relationship: 2 points
Building the Sale: 2 points
Closing the Sale: 2 points
Completing the Sales Transaction: 2 points
Explaining Features and Benefits: 2 points
Getting to Know Your Customer: 2 points
Go the Extra Mile: 2.5 points
Keeping Up Appearances: 2 points
Meet Your Customer's Needs: 2 points
Preventing Loss: 2 points
Promoting Safety: 2 points
Stocking the Shelves: 2 points


Skillport offers extensive online learning opportunities, sponsored by Human Resources Staff Development.

TPC Courses

376 Energy Conservation Basics: 8 points