Supervisor's Role

Supervisors play a key role in supporting staff members in the Job Enrichment Program by collaborating with staff members to plan and manage professional learning and growth.

This support includes:

  • Meeting with staff members to create a Professional Development Plan
  • Identifying relevant learning opportunities that can be applied on the job to help the staff member be more effective in their role
  • Creating practical ways for the staff member to utilize the knowledge in new ways for the benefit of the department
  • Ensuring that learning opportunities align with departmental and university goals

Annual Performance Evaluations

As part of performance management, supervisors are responsible for providing a performance evaluation for their staff members every 365 days. Staff members who have an evaluation dated more than 365 days old, will not be eligible to apply into the JEP or receive an award until they have a current evaluation on file in Human Resources. The criteria that deem an evaluation "poor" is listed at the bottom of the Classified Performance Report (PDF 201KB).

JEP Application Review

  1. The supervisor will receive a copy of the staff member's Job Enrichment application via email.
  2. The supervisor must respond to the application email within seven days, approving or denying the staff member's eligibility to participate in the Job Enrichment Program.
  3. By approving this application, you are certifying that the staff member has acceptable performance and you support the individual participating in the Job Enrichment Program.
  4. By denying this application, you do not support the individual participating in the Job Enrichment Program. You are responsible for sharing the reasons why you have denied the application (including supporting documentation) with the staff member. In addition, please submit a summary of why you are denying the application to the Department of Labor Relations.

Professional Development Plan

A professional development plan should be created as a collaborative process between staff members and supervisors to plan and manage professional learning and growth.

Identify relevant learning opportunities:

  • Address skill gaps/competency improvement areas
  • Address areas of strength to find ways to increase/enhance the skill even more
  • Identify areas to work on/grow in over next year
  • Connect to goals when possible

Learning Opportunities

Learning opportunity resources include a variety of sources for Job Enrichment learning. In addition, other relevant learning opportunities (conferences and seminars) may be completed.  Relevant learning opportunities are identified in collaboration between staff member and supervisor (see Professional Development Plan section).

All eligible learning opportunities must be completed while employed at Miami University as a Classified staff member. Courses completed prior to being accepted into the JEP will not count for JEP credit. 

Repeatable Learning Opportunities

Job Enrichment participants may choose to repeat learning opportunities; however, Job Enrichment credit will only be awarded one time per learning opportunity unless the course meets one of the exceptions below:

  • Course has significantly changed
  • Annual conferences/seminars
  • Required professional certification courses

Learning Opportunity Related Expenses

It is the supervisor's role to be aware of all costs for materials, content and labor associated with learning opportunities, and to demonstrate fiscal responsibility for departmental/University funds. All learning opportunities have a cost, most of which is covered by the department/University. However, some related expenses associated with JEP learning opportunities may be the responsibility of the staff member. 

JEP Learning Opportunity Form

The JEP Learning Opportunity Form is designed to gain input from the staff member and supervisor indicating the objectives of the learning, how the learning will be applied on the job, and how the knowledge gained will benefit the department. This form is used upon completion of a learning opportunity to submit information and relevant documentation (certificates, agendas,…) about the learning.

JEP Learning Opportunity Form process:

  1. Forms must be submitted within 6 months of completing the learning opportunity. Any courses submitted after the 6 month timeframe will be entered as N/A in MyCard.
  2. Staff member completes form with required documentation, and submits via Formstack to HR Staff Development.
  3. Supervisor automatically receives an email requesting their input and approval of the learning opportunity and submits response to HR Staff Development.
  4. JEP Administrator will enter completed learning opportunity and Job Enrichment points (if applicable) into MyCard training record. Please note that submission of this form does not guarantee Job Enrichment Credit. 

Attendance Expectations and Requirements

JEP participants are expected to fully attend all learning opportunities in which Job Enrichment credit is granted. This expectation is included in the Ethics Statement. Learning opportunities not completed in their entirety will not be awarded Job Enrichment credit; no partial credit will be awarded. In addition, staff members that do not fully attend courses that have been paid by the University may be responsible for repaying the fees to the University.

Learning opportunities completed during normal work schedule:

  • Full-time and Half-time (greater than or equal to .50 Full Time Equivalent) staff members may participate in Job Enrichment learning opportunities during their normal work schedule with supervisor approval.
  • Supervisors are responsible for authorizing release time for staff to attend learning opportunities during the normal work schedule.
    • Release time during the normal work schedule is not guaranteed and is based on the business need as determined by the supervisor.
    • Consideration will include the impact on the individual, department, division, and University.
    • The supervisor will ensure that participation will not interfere with the satisfactory performance of the normal employment obligations.
    • The supervisor will monitor equitable opportunity for all staff to participate in the JEP.
  • Overtime payment is not guaranteed for learning opportunities that overlap with the end of a staff member’s working hours. The individual should work with their supervisor to adjust work schedules when possible to avoid an overtime situation.

Learning opportunities offered outside normal work schedule:

  • Full-time and half-time staff members may participate in Job Enrichment learning opportunities outside their normal work schedule.
  • Supervisors are responsible for considering any adjustments to a normal work schedule to accommodate learning opportunities outside normal work schedules.
  • Overtime payment is not guaranteed for learning opportunities offered outside normal work schedules. Staff members should work with their supervisor to adjust work schedules when possible to avoid an overtime situation.