JEP Professional Development Plan Process

Professional Development Plans provide a roadmap for employees to gain knowledge, skills and abilities that will benefit them in their role as well as benefit the department in meeting its goals. Accomplishment of these goals validate the return on investment for the Job Enrichment Program. The following steps outline the JEP Professional Development Plan process emphasizing that the annual performance review and goals serve as the foundation for the process.

Foundation: Performance Review and Goals

Supervisor + Employee

  • Annual performance reviews highlight gaps that need to be improved as well strengths that should be enhanced
  • Individual and departmental goals are created to support university goals
The Performance reviews and goals serve as the foundation for professional development.

Step 1: Discuss Development

Supervisor + Employee

  • Review performance evaluation and goals
  • Discuss gaps to improve, strengths to enhance and stretch goals to develop
  • Identify relevant learning resources (courses, webinars, conferences, …) to achieve development goals

Step 2: Create Development Plan

Supervisor + Employee

  • Create professional development plan
  • Include multiple learning resources for each development goal
  • Supervisor and employee monitor progress on completion of development plan learning

Step 3: Submit Learning Completions

Supervisor + Employee

  • Employee submits completed learning opportunity form and supporting documents to Staff Development via Formstack
  • Supervisor receives email requesting ROI input and submits to Staff Development

Step 4: Review Learning Completions

Staff Development + Employee

  • Staff Development reviews employee and supervisor input and updates MyCard record
  • Employee tracks learning completions and JEP points in MyCard

Step 5: Process Bonuses and Premium Pay Increases

Staff Development

  • Staff Development processes appropriate bonuses and premium pay increases based on eligible points and time period