Job Enrichment Program Updates

JEP Guideline Changes

  • With supervisor approval, Classified Staff may now apply into the Job Enrichment Program after 6 months MU employment without a break in service.
  • The point expiration time period for Advanced Component levels has been extended to 3 years.
  • Effective March 1, 2020 all learning opportunities must be submitted using the new JEP Learning Opportunity Form.
    • All courses must be submitted within 6 months of completion
    • The form must be filled out in its entirety, all incomplete forms will be returned
      • Section A: Employee input—objectives of learning, how I will apply the learning
      • Section B: Supervisor input—supervisor collaborating with employee to determine appropriate and relevant learning; more intentional approach
    • All required documentation must be submitted with form

Collaborative Approach to Learning Development Planning

  • Supervisor meet with employee and create a Professional Development Plan
    • Consider of variety of learning opportunity sources
    • Address areas of skill gaps/competency improvement areas
    • Address areas of strength to find ways to increase/enhance the skill even more
    • Ask employee what they want to work on/grow in over next year
    • Connect to goals when possible
  • Work with employee to identify learning opportunities
  • Meet with employee to discuss learning and application of learning (help identify ways in which employee can grow using skills gained)

Expanded JEP Learning Opportunities

The following courses are now eligible for JE credit and available for registration in TRAIN. Check our calendar for upcoming sessions!

  • Facilitating Effective Meetings
  • Building a Reputation of Integrity
  • Micro-Inequities
  • Conflict Management
  • DiSC – NEW course!