Guides for Users

Development Terms

Found on the Learning Library

Booked - The learning activity has been added to your development plan, but not yet started. It may be an in-person class or a webinar that has not yet happened, or an online learning activity has not yet begun.

In Progress - The learning activity is currently in process, usually an online learning activity that you are in the middle of completing.

Suggested - The learning activity has been suggested by your supervisor to take. May be mandatory.

Complete - The learning activity has already been completed by you. You are welcome to revisit the learning activity or book into it again.

Recommended - The learning activity is recommended by other learners or because others who have taken similar learning activities to you have also taken this learning activity.

Found on your Development Plan

Mandatory - The learning activity is required to be completed by either your supervisor or the university. Usually accompanied by a due date.

Attended - The learning activity has been marked as attended by the instructor.

Did Not Attend - The learning activity has been marked as not attended by the instructor. Re-book this learning activity to participate.

Attendance Pending - This learning activity was marked by you as done but has not had instructor verification yet. Once the instructor verifies attendance, it will indicate as either Attended or Did Not Attend on your Development Plan.

Review Development Plan

  1. Locate the navigation bar at the top of the screen and select About me then select Development Plan.
  2. This screen provides information on learning activities that you have in progress, upcoming, completed, pending approval and shared with you. Select the relevant tab. Under the In Progress/Upcoming tab, learning activities can be in progress, booked, suggested or on a waitlist. Suggested activities can be added by selecting the title, View Learning Activity, then selecting Add to plan then Book. The tab, Completed, lists all completed learning activities. Within the Pending approval tab, it contains learning activities requested that require approval by the instructor or other governing body in either Pending Approval or Declined status. The final tab, Shared with me, provides a list of learning activities recommended to you by colleagues and peers. At the bottom of your development plan, there are two editable sections on your career goals. To add new information or edit existing, select the Edit button on the right side and add the relevant information. After editing the information, select Submit on the upper right of the text box.
  3. To add more learning activities to your development plan, select Explore Library to use the Learning Library or Explore Events to add by the Learning Calendar.
  4. Once in the Learning Library or Learning Calendar, select the learning activity by the title to add to your development plan.
  5. Add to your development plan by selecting Add to Plan at the bottom of the learning activity and selecting from the drop-down Book (which adds to your plan without a specific time), Mark as In Progress or Mark as Completed if you've already begun or finished the learning activity.

Search for a Learning Activity

Search by the Learning Library

Locate the navigation bar at the top of the screen and select the drop-down Miami Learn, then select Learning Library. This will bring up all the learning activities in the Learning Library.

Search by the Learning Calendar

To search for a specific date, locate the navigation bar at the top of the screen and select the dropdown Miami Learn, then select Learning Calendar. This will bring up all the learning activities that have specific times associated with a learning activity in a monthly calendar format beginning with the current month. Prior learning activities are grayed out.

NOTE: This is only for learning activities that have a date and time associated.

Hovering over the learning activity will provide additional information on the learning activity including how many seats are left. By selecting the title, it will bring you to the learning activity registration page.

Search by Search Bar or Filters

In both the Learning Library and the Learning Calendar, there is the option to search by the search bar or through the drop-down filters located at the top of the page under the main navigation bar. The search bar on the right can be used to search by title, keyword, type of activity or competency. Type the search term into the space that states Search Title, Type or Competencies and press enter or the magnifying glass icon to the right of the search bar.

To use the filters on the bar below the search bar, select the drop-down that is appropriate. The filters will only show options that are currently in the Learning Library.

The option for Level is:

  • Learning

The options for Type are:

  • In-Person Learning
  • Online Learning
  • Learning Resource Portal

Select one or more competencies to filter results.

The options for registration availability for learning activities that have a date and time are:

  • Available
  • Full

Note: To switch back and forth between the Learning Library and Learning Calendar, select the calendar icon to the right of the magnifying glass icon.

Enrolling in a Learning Activity

  1. Locate the navigation bar at the top of the screen and select Miami Learn, then select Learning Library to search for a learning activity.
  2. Locate and select a learning activity of interest.
  3. Select Start, Learn Now, Book or use the Add to plan drop-down to Book, Mark as in progress or Mark as completed. Mark as in progress allows you to indicate if the learning activity is mandatory, add an intended completion date, and attach documentation.
  4. If the learning activity is mandatory, select the toggle bar (bar will shift to green). Green indicates that it is a mandatory learning activity. If there is a due date associated with this learning activity, add that information in a day, month, year format or select the calendar icon to the right to select the specific due date.
  5. Add intended completion date in a day, month, year format or select the calendar icon to the right to select a date.
    NOTE: This does not book the class time slot.
  6. For a In-Person Learning, Online Learning or Learning Library Portal, if you select Book or Mark in Progress, a request for additional information appears. If supporting documentation is required, select the Upload Document to upload a file. Then select Click to Upload and select the corresponding file from your files. Name the document in the text field of Name. Then select Submit.
  7. Select Confirm to change your status in the learning activity. This will move you back to the Learning Library so you can find other courses you are interested in. Select a Time Slot if a learning activity has specific times that the learning activity is offered, such as in a classroom online.
  8. Navigate back to the learning activity in the Learning Library and select the learning activity.
  9. Select the Select a Time Slot button.
  10. Select the specific time slot that will work for you by selecting the radial button on the row to the left of the start date and time. Then select Book to reserve your spot in the learning  activity.
  11. The number of seats left will be indicated to the right on the time slot row or if there are none, then select Join waitlist. You will be notified if you shift into booked into that time slot.


Mark as Completed - indicates the learning activity has been completed. Typically this is used for learning activities you have previously completed such as your private learning activities.

Request Approval - indicates that approval must be granted prior to being able to Learn Now or  Book a Time Slot. This approval might be given by your supervisor or the instructor.

Interested in This Activity - requires you to contact the instructor shown to be added into the learning activity.

Share - the learning activity with a colleague or peer by typing in their name and selecting Share.

Create an Individual Learning Activity

An individual learning activity is any development activity you have participated in that you feel should be part of your employee development plan such as a conference, virtual learning, in-person learning, webinar or online course.

  1. Locate the navigation bar at the top of the screen and select Miami Learn, Learning Library and then select the circle with a plus sign at the top of the screen.
  2. Select Private learning activity.
  3. Fill out all the areas that pertain to your learning activity starting from the top left. The required fields are marked with an asterisk. These fields are Activity Title and Activity Type. Fully title your learning activity as these can be seen on your development plan by your supervisor. Activity Type is chosen from In-Person, Online, Learning Resource Portal or other. 
  4. Add an explanation of the learning activity in the Description box. It is recommended to include what you learned or your outcomes from the learning activity in the description. Add the link to the content in the Content area.
  5. In the Duration field indicate how long the learning activity took. In the drop-down, choose from Minutes, Hours or Days.
  6. Select the toggle bar if the learning activity requires renewal, such as a certification (the bar will shift to green). 
  7. Select the bar to track costs associated with the activity (the bar will shift to green).
  8. To link competencies to the learning activity, select the plus sign. Choose the relevant competencies and levels by checking the box to the left of the type of competency. Uncheck the ones that do not apply. Select Link to add them to the learning activity.
  9. At the bottom of the learning activity, select the drop-down Add to plan to indicate Booked, In Progress, Complete or Suggested.

Complete an Activity

  1. Locate the navigation bar at the top of the screen and select Miami Learn, Learning Library or select About Me, Development Plan.
  2. Navigate to the specific learning activity and select the title to open the learning activity.
  3. Select Learn now or Book for a self-paced online learning activity at the bottom of the learning activity.
  4. Select the appropriate additions to the learning activity, such as if it is a mandatory activity, the intended completion date, and upload any supporting documents (i.e. notes, materials, agendas, course certificate).
  5. Once complete, choose Mark as Completed

Remove Enrollment

  1. To remove your enrollment from a learning activity, navigate to your development plan by selecting About Me on the navigation bar then selecting Development Plan in the drop-down.
  2. Select the learning activity under the tab In Progress/Upcoming which will open up the learning activity information.
  3. At the bottom of the learning activity, select Remove.
  4. The system will verify that you would like to remove the learning activity from your development plan. If yes, select Confirm.

Learning Plugin

The PageUp Learning Plugin will allow employees to easily capture an article or video from sites on the internet and add it directly to their development plan at the click of a button (currently only available using the Chrome Browser).

  1. Within PageUp, locate the navigation bar at the top of the screen and select Your Name then select Learning Plugin.
  2. The learning plugin is only available to users of the Chrome Browser. Select this link to the chrome store. Click on the Add to Chrome Button.
  3. Select Add Extension from pop-up window. The learning plugin will now be at the top of the screen or on your list of extensions. The icon resembles a graduation cap.
  4. Navigate to a learning article or video from a site. Select the Learning Plugin (graduation cap icon).

NOTE: The first time will require authentication to activate the learning plugin.

1. Select Get Started.
2. Enter Your email address. Then select Next.
3. Select Login with SSO.
4. Complete the Duo authentication process.
5. Upon successful completion, the learning plugin is ready to use and does not require      authenication again.

5. Select Create to add directly to your development plan in PageUp. If the activity has been completed, select the Completed slider before selecting Create.

6. To view items that have been added using the learning plugin, locate the navigation bar at the top of the screen and select About Me then select Development Plan.