We have a lot to celebrate. The people who make the tech talk at Miami are full of surprises, and we get up to more than a few shenanigans both in and outside the office. We're learning, growing, and celebrating with each other as colleagues and friends.

These are just a few examples of how IT Services is successful every day thanks to the sum of its parts—the people that make up the team.

Steve Moore sets sail for the shores of retirement

After 34 years of working at Miami, Steve Moore, senior Linux systems administrator, is setting sail for retirement on the S.S. Tivoli.

Steve has been a part of many projects in his time here, and has left his mark on IT Services for good. He was integral to the deployment of many of the storage solutions we use on campus, like NetApp and Tivoli (an IBM backup solution). He also works on the day-to-day functions of our IT department—keeping IT (and Miami!) in a near-constant state of uptime.

He’s also known for being part of the group that jams out on Tuesdays at lunchtime on the first floor, bringing the mellifluous tones of his acoustic guitar to the group.

When asked what his plans were for retirement, he seemed at a loss for words. “I’m not sure, honestly. But there are books to read and music to listen to.”

We’re not worried—we know he’ll find something to keep him busy. Thanks for all of your hard work and dedication over the years, Steve!

Steve Moore standing in his ship created by IT Services employees
Steve Moore's ship created by IT Services team members around his cubicle
The ship made by IT Services members for Steve Moore in his cubicle
An old photo of several IT Services team members, including Steve Moore on the far left

IT Services vs. MU Libraries Chili Cook-off 2019

Our 2019 Chili Cook-off winners faced off against the winners of the library's own competition, and we had so much fun doing it. The library's Patrick Hawk came out on top this year, but we're already scheming for next!

Read more about it in our news article!

Crock pots full of chili lined up on a table
a trophy shaped like a chili pepper
The winners' plaques for the chili competition. Wooden boards with 1st place, 2nd place, and 3rd place engraved.
The winners of the chili competition. Patrick Hawk, Miranda Jacobs, and Heather Bennett

Welcome to Hoyt Hall!

IT Services welcomed Procurement to Hoyt Hall! They have moved in on the second floor and we're so glad to have them sharing our space!

(It wouldn't be an IT party without donuts -- and David Seidl brought these all the way from Rise'n Roll. Yum!!)

View all the welcome photos on Facebook.

The procurement team
Donuts from Rise 'n Roll Bakery
Randy Hollowell welcoming the Procurement team and starting the festivities

Happy to have you on the team!

Our newest team member is program associate Lisa Turner. She comes to us from Toledo, Ohio, where she worked for the Lucas County Health Department - Environmental Health Services. We're so glad to have her on our admin team!

Welcome to IT Services!

Lisa Turner sitting at her desk
Donuts for Lisa's welcome party
Leah Tuscany introducing Lisa Turner


CHIPS stands for: Commending Helpful, Innovative, and Proactive Service. CHIPS is a way for each of us to recognize the good work of our fellow IT staff members. At the beginning of each year, we get four handmade ceramic chips to give when we see someone doing something helpful, innovative, or proactive.

Even cooler: We make all of the disks ourselves!

For the full effect, visit us on Facebook.

Several small gray disks with the Miami M stamped in
A table full of small gray disks
Chips going into the kiln
A white chip with the Miami M stamped in
A blue chip next to a cup of blue stain
Four shiny colored chips