IT in the Kitchen

Here in IT, we're not just experts on hardware, software, networking, and knowledge. We also love to cook and eat! IT Services has hosted a range of cooking contests, including the annual IT Services Chili Cook-Off and the Variety Rice Competition. These kinds of events are great for team building and allow us to share cultural experiences.

IT Services Chili Cook-Off 2019

The fifth official IT Services Chili Cook-Off took place on February 28, 2019: National Chili Day. Nine chilis entered, and one emerged victorious with the fabled Golden Ladle (there's a plaque and everything). Congratulations to Miranda Jacobs for taking home the gold with her chicken chorizo chili!

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The Spread

Three images of chili

The Prizes

The prizes for the chili competition - A silver ladle, a golden ladle, and a fancy bowl

The Winners

The winners of the chili competition - Lisa Raatz for People's Choice, Jeff Toaddy for Third Place, Emily Schmidt for Second Place, and Miranda Jacobs for First Place

Variety Rice Competition

This year's variety rice competition included nine chefs, three judges, and lots of amazing rice. Rose Duh's shrimp and chinese sausage rice took home the crown (or, more accurately, the rice pot) and Festus Ojo's Nigerian rice recipe came in second place!

The Spread

different kinds of rice laid out on a tabledifferent kinds of rice laid out on a tabledifferent kinds of rice laid out on a table

The Prizes

Two prizes that look like black cauldrons with 'IT Services Variety Rice Contest 2019' engraved

The Winners

Festus Ojo accepts prize for second place from judge Jeffery Toaddy   Rose Duh accepts the prize for first place


To celebrate the Brown Road folks moving to Hoyt, signifying the first time in years that all of IT Services is under one roof, the enterprise operations folks made pancakes.

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Leah Harris making pancakes
Jeff Triplett making pancakes