Administrative Offices

Support and services for administrative offices come in many forms. In 2019 IT Services provided direct tier-one technology support for xx offices or about a quarter of all university-owned computers via Technology Support Services (TSS) and continued the implementation of Banner 9. Other initiatives included:

  • Business Intelligence (BI) capabilities rolled out for campus:
    • Replaced 20-year-old General Ledger reporting with dashboards updated on a daily basis
    • Deployed dashboards that provide course detail, degree detail, enrollment detail, and finance detail with user-driven detailed reporting capabilities
    • Decommissioned the 20-year-old MInE reporting portal
  • Partnered with HR to deploy the PageUp People initial implementation
  • Banner 9 disaster recovery environment built and tested in Amazon cloud (AWS)
  • Deployed backup authentication systems to the cloud for business continuity
  • Shared ticketing, asset, and workflow tool implemented and in use by campus IT departments, HR, and a variety of other organizations creating a single place for us all to work together
  • Advancement Campaign Analytics
  • Chrome River implementation
  • Banner upgrades (process change)
  • ProcessMaker workflow tool