Where We're Going

Wireless access (most commonly referred to as ‘Wi-Fi’) is one of the most important utilities that IT Services provides to Miami. As more of our world becomes digital and moves into online spaces, especially higher education, the demand for fast, reliable Wi-Fi has never been greater.

To that end, we are constantly evaluating our wireless environment and making sure the service we’re providing is the best it can be. For instance, we conduct regular service reviews of Wi-Fi to take stock of all the assets, stakeholders, target deliverables, and key features and capabilities of Wi-Fi at Miami. The network services team has also spent a considerable amount of time going around the Oxford, Middletown and Hamilton campuses testing the network on various devices to ensure speed and connection. 

We need to stay on top of current standards in order to provide connectivity to a wide range of devices. That means updating equipment as new tools and technologies are released; in addition, we have to make sure the network is backwards-compatible with older devices. It’s a lot to manage, and the network services team works hard to keep up with new tech and trends.